The Youtube console is a feature in Royale High that allows any player to turn off game notifications, disable the Game UI, disable the Core UI and add lighting filters. In the future this will be also be able to disable trade requests.

No Popups and Anti-Camera Manipulation

Prevents popups like receiving a cupcake or being asked to dance. Also won't change the players camera for events like Ballroom Introductions and Ballroom Voting (they are still working on this)

Call in Sick

Stops the game from asking you to teleport to class. Also prevents grades from showing on top of the players head.

No Game UI

Hides the HUD on the right side of the screen and any other buttons that are visible by default, excluding the button to bring up these options.

No core UI

Disables the Roblox top-bar, chat, and backpack interfaces. This setting is experimental and may not stay here.

Lighting Filters

The lighting filters are for roleplayers or people who just want to take a photo. The filters are Haunted Castle, Vintage, Black and White, Colorful Brightness, Tropical Paradise, In Love, Cold Blue Winter and Royale Day.

  • Default
  • Haunted Castle
  • Vintage
  • Black and White
  • Colorful brightness
  • Tropical Paridise
  • In love
  • Cold blue winter
  • Royale day

Disable Bubble Chat

Hides bubble chat and typing indicator.

Hide Names

Hides Roblox names and roleplay names.

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