These wings are only available during the Valentines events.



Wings Price (Diamonds) Image
Mini Social Love Butterfly 1,000

(originally 1,500)

Mini Social Love Butterfly.png
Mini Roses are Red Valentines 3,750

(originally 1,750)

Mini Roses are Red Valentines.png
Social Love Butterfly 5,000
Social Love Butterfly.png
Valentines Cake Wings 5,500

(originally 5,000)

Valentines Cake Wings.png
Chocolate Truffle Love 6,500

(originally 4,500)

Chocolate Truffle Love.png
Teddy 4 My Valentine Cookies 7,000

(originally 5,000)

Teddy 4 My Valentine Cookies.png
Roses are Red Valentines 12,000

(originally 6,000)

Roses are Red Valentines.png


Wings Price (Diamonds) Image
Heart Chocolate Donuts 4,500
Heart Chocolate Donuts.png
Heart Container 10,000
Heart Container.png
14 Karat Gold Infinity Chain 14,000
14 Karat Gold Infinity Chain.png


Some of these were derived from winners of the Elements Wings Contest. They are considered part of the Valentines 2020 event.

Wings Price (Diamonds) Artist Image
Blossoming Admirer 4,000 Vex_SV
Blossoming Admirer.png
Ragged Prince 4,000 SushiCakess
Ragged Prince.png
Love Fairy 5,500 Diamond dream
Love Fairy.png
Sparkling Valentine 5,500 Kool_Kiwis
Sparkling Valentine.png
Falling into Fate 8,000 Bongo lad
Falling into Fate.png
Love Dragon 8,500 xireuu
Love Dragon.png
Heavenly Love 11,000 Emily Harrington
Heavenly Love.png
Song of the Lovebird 11,000 Vex_SV
Song of the Lovebird.png
Flame of Love 12,000 CuteDasty
Flame of Love.png
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