Wings                                 Price (Diamonds) Artist                                        Image
Delicate Blue Rose       1,250 Cuppi97
Delicate Blue Rose
Nature's Essence       1,500 Luna_FlowerDJ
Nature's Essence
Wisteria Butterfly     4,000 Tsuuki
Wisteria Butterfly
Symphony of Flora    5,500 Bai_ore_tto
Symphony of Flora
Forest of Roses     6,000 holomoutain
Forest of Roses
Sundew Sparkle     7,500 Chonlyzaza
Sundew Sparkle
Lovely Sakuras    7,500 Kyent
Lovely Sakuras
Forest Dragon     8,500 Rheycah/Rhys
Forest Dragon
Floral Feathers   12,000 coolgamersgirl
Floral Feathers
Serene Petals   13,000 EmmieDearest
Serene Petals
Persephone's Garden


Persephone's Garden
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