Wings Price (Diamonds) Artist Image
Stained Glass Rose 500 Bai_ore_tto
Stained Glass Rose
Chained Ghost 3,500 Maitilla
Chained Ghost
Dragon Dream 4,000 Oracle Moonlight
Dragon Dream
Fallen Seraphim 4,000 hoovydoobydoo
Fallen Seraphim
Dark Crystal 4,500 BlossomBlue01
Dark Crystal
Force of Evil 5,000 Neko MewMew
Force of Evil
Withered Beauty 5,000 StarriMochi
Withered Beauty
Looks Can Kill 6,000 Royalehighlola
Looks Can Kill
Spirit of Crystal Ball 6,500 CuteDasty
Spirit of Crystal Ball
Shadow Fox 6,500 MrOparu
Shadow Fox
Mystery of the Night 6,500 Chroma_Euphoria
Mystery of the Night
Nightmare 8,000 Starstruck243
The Twisted 8,500 Apwn_IQLI
The Twisted
Toxicities Within 9,000 CreepySoft
Toxicities Within
Mystical Midnight 9,000 Esmeduality123
Mystical Midnight
Venomous Viper 10,000 ms_Leyla x OliviaUnicornXox
Venomous Viper
Castle Keeper 12,750 Closet_Skeleton
Castle Keeper
Fallen Dove's Lace Wings 13,000 Shadedgy
Fallen Dove's Lace Wings
Dragon's Moonlight 20,000 damienxart
Dragon's Moonlight
Midnight Dragon 20,000 damienxart
Midnight Dragon
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