These wings are holiday-themed and are only available for purchase during the Winter season.


Wings Price (Diamonds) Image
Mini Hot Cocoa 2,000
Mini Hot Cocoa
Warm Cinnamon Roll Wings 2,500
Warm Cinnamon Roll Wings
Candy Cane Sugar Wings 4,000
Candy Cane Sugar Wings
Medium Hot Cocoa 4,500
Medium Hot Cocoa
HEAD Antler Lights 6,000
HEAD Antler Lights
Stylish Tree Fashion 6,250
Stylish Tree Fashion
Enchanting Christmas 8,000
Enchanting Christmas
Large Antler Lights 10,000
Large Antler Lights
Large Enchanting Christmas 12,500
Large Enchanting Christmas


Wings Price (Diamonds) Image
Mini Gingerbread Wings 2,750
Mini Gingerbread Wings
Mini Figure Skater 3,000
Mini Figure Skater
Cozy Flannel Bow Wings 3,000
Cozy Flannel Bow Wings
Figure Skater 7,000
Figure Skater
Special Wrapped Presents 7,500
Special Wrapped Presents
Frozen Angel 15,000
Frozen Angel
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