These wings are baking-themed. They include desserts that mimic cupcakes, cakes, lollipops, and wings that are based on baking-related items as well. They are added in Baking update.

Wings Price (Diamonds) Image
MINI Rainbow Candy Wings 1,250
MINI Rainbow Candy Wings
MINI Lacey Apron Wings 1,250
MINI Lacey Apron Wings
Lemon Cake Delight 2,000
Lemon Cake Delight
Rainbow Candy Wings 3,000
Rainbow Candy Wings
Triple Cupcake Decadence 3,000
Triple Cupcake Decadence
Strawberry Cherry Cupcakes 3,000
Strawberry Cherry Cupcakes
Gourmet Chef Wings 4,250
Gourmet Chef Wings
Macaroon Cookies 4,500
Macaroon Cookies
Lacey Apron Wings 6,000
Lacey Apron Wings
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