Royale High Valentines Day 2020 badge

"Royale Valentines Day 2020!" badge

The Valentines 2020 event took place during February 2020. It added new items, wings, and gameplay elements for the holiday.

The event developed over the month, but joining on February 14, 2020 rewarded the "Royale Valentines Day 2020!" badge.

New Items

Along with most of the accessories first introduced in Valentines 2019, new items were added to the game.

Darling Valentina set

The Darling Valentina set was made by OceanOrbs. It was added on February 7, 2020.

Accessory Price (Diamonds) Image
Darling Valentina Lace Cuffs 3,000
Darling Valentina Lace Cuffs
Darling Valentina Lace Bodice 23,500
Darling Valentina Lace Bodice
Darling Valentina Morning & Evening Skirt 30,000
Darling Valentina Morning & Evening Skirt
Darling Valentina Lollipop Heels 30,000
Darling Valentina Lollipop Heels

Purchasable accessories

These were added on January 31, 2020, with the exception of My Teddy Bear, which was added the next day.

Accessory Price (Diamonds) Image
Sparkly Heart Hoop Earrings 1,500
Sparkly Heart Hoop Earrings
My Teddy Bear 6,500
My Teddy Bear
Elegance Rose Corsage 10,000
Elegance Rose Corsage
Elegance Rose Boutineer 10,000
Elegance Rose Boutineer
Elegance Butterfly Veil 10,000
Elegance Butterfly Veil
2020 Elegant Parasol 60,000

(no longer available)

Elegant Parasol


New themed wings derived from exception winners of the Elements Wings Contest were added on February 7, 2020.

Wings Price (Diamonds) Artist Image
Blossoming Admirer 4,000 Vex_SV
Blossoming Admirer
Ragged Prince 4,000 SushiCakess
Ragged Prince
Love Fairy 5,500 Diamond dream
Love Fairy
Sparkling Valentine 5,500 Kool_Kiwis
Sparkling Valentine
Falling into Fate 8,000 Bongo lad
Falling into Fate
Love Dragon 8,500 xireuu
Love Dragon
Heavenly Love 11,000 Leah Ashe x Emily Harrington
Heavenly Love
Song of the Lovebird 11,000 Vex_SV
Song of the Lovebird
Flame of Love 12,000 CuteDasty
Flame of Love

Archery Game

Main article: Battle a la Royale

On February 14, 2020, the "Battle a la Royale" archery minigame was added in the intent of the event as a permanent PvP realm.

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