Hey there! I'm new to all this Royale High Wiki stuff, so sorry if I'm doing something wrong lol

Idk if someone already found this out but I hope its useful! 

(little story time, u can skip it if u want)

So since the Wheel came out there were these cute and awesome glasses I really wanted, Prescription Glasses. In real life, I do use glasses and I find them as my signature look. I've always tried to get them no matter what, but I always end up getting diamonds lol. So one day I decided to try  something new with my other accessories.

What u will need:

~ Fashionista Sunglasses

What  to do:

First, put on the Fashionista Sunglasses. Then, for Color 1 put on black (or any other color) and for Color 2 put on white or light blue (I used white in my screenshots). Last, click Done and Ta daaa! You have your own Prescription Glasses! I know they might not look EXACTLY THE SAME but atleast they look cute :3

Here's some screenshots I took :)

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