Just my personal opinions,take these with a pinch of salt...

Ok,so I don't have the bat-mo-heels so I was kinda happy that it came back.BUT didn't calllmehbob think about the original bat-mo-heels owners?

What would have been nice was a release of something similar to the bat-mo-heels,satisfying the bat-mo-heels owners and those like me.(I must admit that the release of the bat-mo was appropriate since ppl were offering crazy prices for the bat-mo.

Also,I HATED the hunts.I hated the easter hunts so I wasn't too glad about the candy hunts.I guess it's nice that even the youtubes have to work and not just use robux but the homestore owners were horrible at hiding the eggs.The obvious didn't think about a player's point of view.

I'm still hoping that the old items come back tho.

All in all,I was disappointed 

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