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Welcome to talking time !

Hello,Welcome to my profile.I know this really put together randomly but yeah.I was in Royale High from the beggining of it ( 2017 ) I love it and I think it is super cool ! I have really good grades and I have a lot of friends who love Royale High ! My Roblox username is justmesakura.I also play adopt me,the crusher and weight simulator ! Those are awsome games you should try out now !

My favorite pages

  • ( hurricane watching center )
  • Moviestarplanet ( Flash game wich my username is Galaxycrystal )


Oh and If you went on my Roblox page and saw I wasn't there it is because I can't get in !!!!! I'm so mad at Roblox right now for lagging so badly that I can't enter it !!! ( online and with the app ) ell I still read the tea on the wiki and on youtube (because I don't have twitter) And I know that I can meet youtubers with that but I can't get it :'( So I play gacha life and I have a Youtube channel about it. DO NOT WATCH THE OLD VIDEOS I DID EIGHT YEARS AGO ABOUT LPS OR YOU WILL CRINGE SO BAD YOU WILL WANT TO PUKE !!!!!!!!! Sorry for that but I was five at the time I made those videos…But you can't watch them anyways because I'm French and I used to talk French in my vids >:3 So I guess I've talked to much about my pretty lifestyle @~@

Weird RH Player OwO (talk) 20:19, September 19, 2019 (UTC)Weird RH Player OwO
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