aka Lunar

  • I live in private servers in Royale High
  • I was born on March 9
  • My occupation is a starting artist (I'm not that good -.-)
  • I am an attack helicopter

Hi everyone, this is Lunar . The description down below is old. Goodbye, I'll miss you all.

yEeEt *Insert memes*

Hi guys, I'm an overly active potato here, even though I spend most of the time in discussion posts. I won't actually edit that much, but if I see a typo or something I'll fix it.


Here an edit hope you like :D

Stuff about me:

  • I procrastinate too much, sometimes you can see me complaining about homework on Discord
  • I like to do text faces
  • I like digital drawing and doing gacha and roblox edits
  • I basically live on Royale High private servers
  • Memes =.=
  • I'm having trouble thinking about what I need to write
  • I use text faces alot :P
  • I'm bad at spelling
  • I have a twin and she's annoying as heck
  • IMMA GIRL (saying that just incase someone thinks otherwise)
  • I got the name 'Lunar' before I found out who Lunar Eclipse is, so don't tell me I copied her
  • I would be liked to called Lunar
  • My fandom username used to be alex2xela, so if you know them, that's me!
  • I made up the name alex2xela when I was 7 for Minecraft, so don't say it's a bad username
  • I'll answer some questions (as long as it's not really personal) if you leave a question on my message wall, so yeah!

Actually about Royale High

Anyway, I've been playing for over a year, so I can answer a lot of questions about the game. I will occasionally make Royale High edits, but I still usually make drawings and gacha edits. I won't make any art or edits for anyone (unless you pay me -.- ), so don't bother asking. If I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally like your outfit, I might edit it -w-

I hope one day to hit above 150k diamonds on Royale High, the highest I've ever gotten was 109k. I guess I'm a 'rich' person on Royale High, but I usually don't wear skirts, so no need to call me a showoff.

When trading I released, I will go and hide in Anzu's private server because I don't have my own. I plan to try and trade for some halos, but since people seem to be wanting unreasonably high prices, I probably won't get one. I really want the beach realm to be released, as seeing all the leaks and teasers, I am SUPER excited for it :D

Where you can contact me

  • Discord: lυnarιѕн#2463
  • Roblox: alex2xela
  • Yeah that's it, you can also message me using the message wall feature =3=
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