Uh-oh, it's Chair.

Hi. I'm an administrator of this wiki. I do NOT work for the game.

Also an administrator at the Roblox Wikia and a few other Roblox interwiki wikis. I am one of the Roblox Interwiki Project Leads (though I mostly serve in an advisory role).

Please post on my Talk page if you have any questions regarding this wiki.

If you need to contact me for wiki issues but cannot do so on the wiki itself (e.g. block disputes) then you MUST use Community Central.
Contacting me anywhere else will have your inquiry ignored and most likely I'll also block you on there (particularly if it's my personal media).

Common questions

Where can I review the rules?
General wiki rules can be read on the Wiki rules page
Rules for our Discussions boards can be seen at https://royale-high.fandom.com/d/g
How can I help here?
Review Help:Contents to learn how to edit. Please use Source Editor.
Review the Wiki rules page about our style guide.
Consider reviewing the improvement or stub categories for small tasks.
Join our Discord to ask if there are current editing projects you can help on.
What are the main things you do as an admin on the wiki?
Manage edits through undos, reviewing, and locking.
Delete pages, comments, discussion threads, images.
Block (ban) problematic accounts.
Organize particular editing projects and direction via our Discord server.
I got blocked (banned), what did I do and how can I get unblocked?
You can check what your block reason is via viewing your own userpage.
If you have questions about your block, or possibly want to appeal your block (removal or shortening), and you can't use your own talk page, you MUST ask on Community Central.
Trying to contact me anywhere else than Community Central about blocks on this wiki will result in you being ignored, or blocked on social media if by social media. Handle it reasonably and you will get a reasonable response, very simple.
Can I be a mod?
Depends - these are usually granted and discussed between our existing staff based from wiki contributors in our Discord server.
You must be in our Discord server to even possibly be considered, so please join it first.
Are you a developer of Royale High?
No. This is a fan site. We do NOT work for the game.
Can you contact the developers of Royale High [for me]?
We can not, under normal circumstances, and will not.
If you need to contact the developers, please use: @nightbarbie, @KateKa22, @DDOG_007, or the scam and exploit report form.

For other questions towards me that aren't as highly common as these, please visit this page: User:Karasuneth/Extended FAQ

Talk page tips

  • Reports should always link contributions of the offending user and/or diffs (edit comparison page).
  • I often close threads after they are managed to prevent necrobumping and other off-topic posting.
  • Quick rundown of answers to commonly asked questions:
    • My profile picture is my artwork.
    • I will NOT accept your friend request, join you, follow you, etc.
    • I do not work for the game nor am I important to this game.
    • The answer is 3.
  • Have a point and some detail to your message regardless. I don't need unnecessary notifications for "hi". Spammy stuff will be removed and ignored.

Userspace pages

Pages in my userspace of relevance or possible other use.

Self disclaimer

Sometimes, people mistake me as a RH developer. I am NOT a RH developer. As stated numerous times on this website, this is a fan site, and we do not work for the game.

Statements I make here on discussions, comments, blogs, etc. that are not informational in nature (which would be backed by some sort of proof), are my own opinion.
Please do not cite or claim things I say on here as "what a RH dev said", because that is incorrect. I am not a RH dev. You are citing the opinion of some random person as a fact, which is false and misleading. You are spreading a lie.

The opinions of people who have staff rights on wikis, or influencers, or pretty much whoever doesn't work for RH, are not more important than the opinions of other non-devs. Things out of the comment section or discussions boards are not informational sources. Only the actual RH devs and what they provide should be used for actual information, and that's what the main articles of this wiki provides.

Please help to retain this site as a useful fan-made informational source by NOT using it to mislead others through falsely claiming what we have on this wiki.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.