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Uh-oh, it's Chair.

Hi. I'm an administrator of this wiki. I do NOT work for the game.

Also an administrator at the Roblox Wiki and a few other Roblox interwiki wikis. I am one of the Roblox Interwiki Project Leads (though I mostly serve in an advisory role).

Please post on my Talk page if you have any questions regarding this wiki.
Our staff does not have moderation conversations on Discussions.

If you need to contact me for wiki issues but cannot do so on the wiki itself (e.g. block disputes) then you MUST use Community Central.
Contacting me anywhere else will have your inquiry ignored and most likely I'll also block you on there (particularly if it's my personal media).

Common questions, answered

Where can I read the rules?
General wiki rules can be read on Royale High Wiki:Wiki rules
Rules for our Discussions forum can be seen at Royale High Wiki:Discussions guidelines
How can I help on the wiki (articles)?
Review Help:Contents to learn how to edit. Source Editor recommended.
Review the Wiki rules page about our style guide.
Consider reviewing the improvement or stub categories for small tasks.
Join our Discord to ask if there are current editing projects you can help on.
I got blocked (banned). What did I do? How long am I blocked? How do I get unblocked?
You can see why you got blocked on your user page, along with the block duration (usually the expiry date/time).
If you have questions about your block or wish to appeal your block, and you can't use your own talk page, you MUST ask on Community Central.
Trying to contact me anywhere else than Community Central about blocks on this wiki will result in you being ignored, or blocked on social media if by social media.
I got a warning for something, but I don't think I did what I was warned for. Is this a mistake?
There's a chance it's a mistake, of course, but usually we find people recall and understand what actually happened with these few steps:
1) Read the warning completely and make sure you read it right. Also, read the rules and see if something you did falls under the warning.
2) Make sure you're looking at your own talk page, not someone else's.
3) Verify that other people (siblings, friends, etc.) haven't used your account. (You are still responsible for what your account does regardless.)
4) If you have checked all of the above, and still don't know, then ask on the talk page of the mod that warned you.
(a super common post we get is "I got warned for trading but I didn't make any offers". Did you post asking for an item's worth or value? W/F/L? We disallow trade offer questions, too! And that warning is not warning you for offers - it is warning you for asking questions about offers. It just mentions that offers *and* offer questions are both banned. Read it and then read it again!)
I can't find my post [on Discussions] that I made earlier. What happened to it? Where can I find it?
Check your post history (Activity tab or click your profile picture on Discussions) and look through it to see all previous posts.
If you still can't find it, chances it was deleted for breaking a rule (or possibly contained a filtered phrase and removed). Read the rules (specifically the Discussions rules) to figure out what may have happened — if you're still confused after doing this and the post has not been undeleted, it is then best to ask on my Talk page.
Do NOT repost anything! Especially your posts that you think were deleted! If it broke the rules, you may get in trouble for posting it more.
What is minimodding? Why is minimodding disallowed? Doesn't it help?
Minimodding is acting like a mod when you're not, or doing things only mods should be doing. Such as telling someone their post breaks the rules.
Some people think minimodding helps, but it doesn't. It just makes the situation worse, and harder for us to moderate. Don't get in the way - just report and leave it alone.
You will get an immediate short ban for minimodding in any circumstance. This will be a bit longer if you at all encouraged the user to hide or edit away their post.
If you want to help when you see a rulebreaking post, report the post and/or submit a report on a mod or admin's talk page. Do not mention us - that is NOT a report.
Why/how did my post [on Discussions] get immediately deleted?
We have automatic filters that will remove posts that meet certain criteria quickly. This is intended to catch rule-breaking posts.
If you believe this was incorrect, do not repost it! (You should never repost something that got deleted!)
First, wait a while, as we check all posts that got removed by the filter, and if it wasn't something that broke the rules or otherwise should be left deleted, we will undelete it (and we usually check pretty soon). However, if it's still missing after a while, feel free to ask on my talk page (as I handle what gets filtered) and I can explain why it was deleted, or undelete it if nobody got to checking it yet (usually only the rare few posts between the hours when we're asleep).
Can I be a mod?
Depends - these are usually granted and discussed between our existing staff based from wiki contributors in our Discord server. If you ask for it, you are less likely to be considered - we ask you so don't ask us.
We are looking for mature, unbiased users who understand our rules, have no major blocks or warnings, wiki editing knowledge (for content mods), and are participants in our Discord.
Highly suggested to be 15+ years of age due to the content that gets moderated (sometimes inappropriate), and knowledge to not feed the trolls or take their words to heart (wiki staff get a lot of targeted harassment/bullying from trolls).
You must be in our Discord server to even possibly be considered, so please join it first.
Why is trading not allowed on the wiki?
We don't have enough staff to handle the traffic we would get for trades (no, it is not that simple to just get more staff). Also, RH trading is unsafe (no trade checks/limits) and value is almost entirely up to the playerbase, which isn't something we can handle.
You can go to pretty much any other Royale High community elsewhere to trade anyway, so we do not plan to ever allow it. Especially when active users of this wiki come here to avoid trading related stuff altogether.
Are you a developer of Royale High?
NO. This is a fan site. Wiki staff do NOT work for the game.
Can you contact the developers of Royale High [for me]?
We can not and will not.
If you need to contact the developers, please use: @nightbarbie, checked link Twitter accounts on Category:Developers, use the scam and exploit report form, or email their support at

For other questions towards me that aren't as highly common as these, please visit User:Karasuneth/Extended FAQ

Userspace pages

Pages in my userspace of relevance or possible other use.

Self disclaimer

Sometimes, people mistake me as a RH developer. I am NOT a RH developer. As stated numerous times on this website, this is a fan site, and we do not work for the game.

Statements I make here on discussions, comments, blogs, etc. that are not informational in nature (which would be backed by some sort of proof), are my own opinion.
Please do not cite or claim things I say on here as "what a RH dev said", because that is incorrect. I am not a RH dev. You are citing the opinion of some random person as a fact, which is false and misleading. You are spreading a lie.

The opinions of people who have staff rights on wikis, or influencers, or pretty much whoever doesn't work for RH, are not more important than the opinions of other non-devs. Things out of the comment section or discussions boards are not informational sources. Only the actual RH devs and what they provide should be used for actual information, and that's what the main articles of this wiki provides.

Please help to retain this site as a useful fan-made informational source by NOT using it to mislead others through falsely claiming what we have on this wiki.