aka Anzu

Admin Content Moderator
  • I live in the ocean depths
  • My occupation is digital artist
  • I am an official fluffy boy - pref. he/him or they/them


A very high quality drawing of my Royale High character, Chair

Hi, I'm Anzu. My Roblox account is Anzu_TL. I make clothes and art and stuff. Also, I'm an administrator here. Scary. Please feel free to post on my message wall if you have any questions, or otherwise need to ask me something.

I'm also an administrator at the Roblox Wikia and a few other Roblox interwiki wikis. I like randomly cleaning up pages here and all that.

Yes - I am the same Anzu that was a NPC at the New Years 2019 event. I've some of my clothing and makeup used in character customization options, and an accessory named after me. I also have some wings designs in game via various contests, and one of my weird edits was the game thumbnail at one point. However, I am not a developer of the game.

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