Trading offers are NOT allowed to be posted on the wiki - read below
Due to FANDOM planning to remove article comments, trading offers will NOT be held directly on the wiki. If you plan to make offers within this community when trading becomes available, please join our Discord Server to participate!

This page will be used to outline the same rules that are available on the server.

This page currently stands to serve as a repeat resource for those interested in joining this wiki's affiliated Discord server to make trading offers or discuss trading. If you are interested in trading within the influence of this wiki, please review the policies you will agree to when making offers on the server's trading channels.

Posting trading offers on this wiki directly is NOT ALLOWED!

In the server, the #trading-chat and #trading-offers channels can be accessed by self-granting the "Trading" role. Instructions on how to do this are in the #rules channel.

Posting offers

This is a repeat resource of the Discord Server's rules for posting offers in the #trading-offers channel. This is documented here for those who are interested in joining solely for trading, so that the server's rules for trading are agreed to before joining.

General guidelines

  • All posts must clearly outline the offers. Use full item names, images, and tag your messages accordingly.
  • Do not scam! Don't trick people or deceive them into giving you item(s) or diamonds.
  • The server strictly enforces a by-the-values system that requires all offers to follow shop purchase values for items that have one, and reasonable prices for items that don't.
    • A single item may not be valued over 300,000 diamonds.
  • In-game deals only; no offering outside services or currencies.
    • Examples of what this disallows are Robux deals, Bloxburg cash, Adopt Me pets, VIP servers, commissions, etc.
  • If you can't complete your offer at the moment of posting, whether due to improper level or not having the items, do not post an offer.
  • Auctions, giveaway promos, and begging are all disallowed.
  • Do not use the offers channel to ask a particular person for an item.
  • Unclear or rule violating posts will be removed. Please delete your offer post if you are no longer interested or it has already been completed. Do not repost offers.

Tagging Rules

Tags must be added at the beginning of a message.

[TRADE] for "item(s) for item(s)" offers

[SELLING] for "item(s) for # diamonds" offers

[BUYING] for "# diamonds for item(s)" offers

[LF] "Looking For" a particular item. Must always be paired w/ another tag.

Stay safe!

  • If you think the user may be scamming you, don't go through with the trade, no matter how much you may want an item.
  • Be careful with rare items like the halos, limited time items, toy rewards, etc.
  • Do not go through with a trade unless you are 100% sure you're okay with it.
  • Report suspicious trades/users or scamming attempts to server staff. (NOT wiki only staff!)

Offers are posted in #trading-offers
Discussions about trading, including item rarity, values, etc. along with extended discussion from offers are held in #trading-chat
You must grant yourself the "Trading" role to access these channels. You must be granted the Active role first to do so. Directions are in #rules.

Trading offers are NOT held or allowed on the wiki.
Only in our Discord Server!

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