Trading offers are currently closed.

Until trading is fully released and functional, the comments will not be opened. Please look over our trading rules in the meantime! Please do not organise trades anywhere else on this wikia.

On this page, any user that is or above level 25 in Royale High may post trade requests in accordance with the rules below. A moderator and or admin of this wikia will monitor this page regularly for scams and rule breaking posts.

General Rules

  • Follow the tagging rules before commenting.
  • Say what you are LF and what you are selling or trading in return.
  • Do not scam! Don't trick people or deceive them into giving you item(s) or diamonds.
  • Offer fair prices. No excessive pricing that you can't follow through with.
  • No begging, no auctions and no giveaways allowed.
  • No requesting or offering Robux, other game currency (e.g Bloxbux) or real life currency as payment for a trade.
  • No offering/requesting other services/items on other games (e.g a pet on Bubblegum Simulator or a VIP Server) In game trades only!
  • Don't spam and/or create long threads. Keep trades to maximum of 5 items at a time.
  • Have only one active trade comment at a time. Trade comments will be removed after they become unused and inactive, or once the trade is complete. You can post another trade comment only when your last has been completed or removed.
  • Delete your offers if you can no longer complete them, or if it has already been completed.
  • Add your Roblox username to your trade comments.
  • All main comments need to be offers and replies should only discuss them.
  • No trade offers if you are not level 25 in Royale High as this is a requirement set by the developers. You must be available to trade now.
  • Check through the offers on a trade request to make sure the person has not already accepted an offer.
  • Rule breaking posts will be removed

Tagging Rules

Tags must be placed at the top of your comment.

[FT]"For Trade" For when trading just items

[LF]"Looking For" an item or diamond amount. This must be paired with another tag!

[FS]"For Sale" When selling an item for diamonds.


[LF] Ballroom Entrance Skirt [FT] Winged Unicorn Fairy Heels

[LF] Valentines Halo 2019 [FT] 100,000 Diamonds

[FS] Thigh High Ice Princess Boots [LF] 60,000 Diamonds

Stay Safe

  • If you think the user may be scamming you, don't go through with the trade no matter how much you may want an item.
  • Be careful with rare items like the halos/holiday exclusives.
  • Do not go through with a trade unless you are 100% sure you're okay with it.
  • Report suspicious trades/users to active wikia staff.
  • Add each others Roblox accounts before organising a trade time.

Have questions about trading in general, or item values & rarity?
Use the Trading Discussion Thread!

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