The town wheel

The town wheel is an interactive object in Divinia that can be spun every 20 hours by players, to win either diamonds or an accessory. Players can also win nothing or death.

The original wheel was only accessible for players that were level 5 or above, however, the level requirements have since been removed. It was shut down for maintenance on April 23, 2019, and officially removed a week later. It then returned on May 24, 2019, with new accessories. Before the Sunset Island Update, new accessories were added in, with some most likely to help with the pageant themes. It was first implemented on Earth during the Halloween 2018 update.


The town wheel is a large, colorful wheel, located in front of the designer boutiques. It has 16 prize slots, each with a different color and a unique symbol that corresponds with its partner(s). These symbols include diamonds, a "nothing" label, treasure chest, sun, dragon head, mystery gift, skull, mermaid, alien head, unicorn, sword, and diamond pouches. During its one-week "maintenance" period, the prize slots were removed and the wheel was completely light pink. A lighter pink label that read "Down For Maintenance" replaced the prize slots.


The wheel's design comes from the Neopets wheel, "wheel of excitement".


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