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Sukimeki is a builder, mesh and textures designer for Royale High. She has created many different skirts, heels and wing designs. She has also created several hair meshes, along with colors and textures to go with them. A few of her designs include the Halloween 2018 deck and the Moonlight Goddess Ultimate Floof skirt.


Sukimeki's badge was created by herself, and is titled "You met Royale Developer Sukimeki!".

The description reads: "The creator of all things pretty, floofy, and sparkly.. She can literally do anything, and she does. Designer of Bat-Mo-Heels, Moonlight Goddess Ultimate Floof, Mermaid Skirt, 30+ hairstyles, many beautiful highlighted and ombre hair colors, and sooo much more! Be sure to see more of her heels creations, unique wing designs, and a cafe coming soon, made by the one-and-only SUKIMEKI! She drew this badge too! WOW SO TALENTED AT EVERYTHING"

In-game appearances

Sukimeki has appeared as a NPC in game on one occasion.

  • During the New Years 2019 event, she could be talked to for 400 diamonds.


  • She is an artist who designed her own in game badge, and creates many decals for Royale High.
  • She was a fan and player of Royale High before becoming a developer. Her hair meshes were discovered by Barbie on twitter.
  • She has an aesthetic tumblr blog at