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The Student Prep Houses, Porcelain Thrones and the Spa serve as public bathrooms and spas in which players are scheduled to enter at 6:00 P.M in order to prepare for the Dance. These rooms are always available; Players do not need to wait for 6:00 P.M in order to enter. These rooms also function solely for roleplay purposes.

Classic Royale High

Student Prep House Ent

The entrance.

The Student Prep Houses have two locations: one around the bottom of the elevated dorms, and another right next to the highest set of dorms.

The entrance to the prep house is a yellow and blue door with an intricate pattern. Inside is a hallway with 2 small shower rooms on either side. The hallway leads to a jacuzzi and a counter with sinks and makeup stations. There is also a balcony with lounge chairs.

Student Prep House

The interior.

Each shower room has a bathtub on the right and a clothing rack and a usable toilet on the left. In the back of each room is a usable shower. A bathroom's door can be locked from the inside and will unlock automatically if left locked for a period of time. The bathtub can be filled with water or drained by clicking the faucet. When either the clothes or towels racks are clicked, the "Dress Up!" tab opens, where you can purchase skirtsmermaid and merman tails, shoes, accessories, and wings.

New Royale High

The Porcelain Thrones and Spa are similar to the Student Prep House in that it contains bathrooms. However, it is far bigger than the Student Prep Houses and offers many more miscellaneous features and services. Its name is likely a pun on the nickname of toilets being "porcelain thrones", and that the school is meant for royalty (who, traditionally, sit on thrones).

Porcelain Thrones entrance

Upon entering the Porcelain Thrones, the player is greeted with two different gates of different colors. The pink is for "princesses" and the blue for "princes". The torso that the player wears as their Roblox avatar determines which room they are allowed to use (For example, Woman and Girl package allows access to the Princess room but denies access to the Princes room and Vice-Versa.) 

The two sections don't differ much besides the color scheme. The girls' section is mostly pink and the boys' section is mostly blue. Both sections contain a room full of stalls with sinks in the middle containing hygiene products of the respective gender. For girls, the products are makeup brushes (you must manually select a look from the dress-up menu to actually apply makeup), hair brushes and hair dryers that are turned on with a click (again, manually choose a look from the dress-up menu to style hair), and minty hand soap. For boys, the products are the same, but cologne instead of makeup brushes, and cool guy hand soap as well. Both have a hallway of showers. In the showers, there is shampoo, conditioner, facial soap, a loofa, and there are are head towels (one click makes them hair towel turbans), body towels, and a used towels box to put them after use. Both types of towels are customizable by color. However, in addition to the shower hallway and room of bathroom stalls, the princess section contains an extra area by the shower hallway devoted to extra female hygiene products.  These products are mostly perfumes (peach, strawberry, rose, and Sweet Like Candy), as well as more makeup brushes, hair tools, soap, and toothbrushes, with Princess hand soap. The area also contains a lounge with interactable magazines and tea-sets. There are around 9 types of tea to choose from. The prince section does not have any equivalent to this extra area.

Both sections have a staircase that leads up to the Spa, which contains interactable objects and furniture that one would see in a real-life spa. This was added when Royale High Earth came out.

The new spa also has a large room with massage equipment where boys and girls can both enter. It is made for Roleplay purposes.

In the Spa, players can put Fresh Cucumbers on their faces, which can be removed by clicking the waste bin located near the hot towels or by resetting the player’s character. Players can also apply face masks, choosing from one of four kinds (Decadent Chocolate Mask, 24K Gold Hydrating Mask, Minty Purifying Mask, and Calming Rose Mask). The player can remove it from their avatar’s face by using the hot towels. In addition, players can add a bath bomb (Grape, Strawberry, or Orange) while bathing in the large spa hot tub. If the player uses it, the spa water will change color depending on the bath bomb (purple, pink, or orange). 


If a player brings a hair dryer in the shower room with the water running, they will get electrocuted. The player's face will turn into a surprised Thomas the Tank Engine face, appear to have a seizure and a yellow bubble will appear around the player. After a few seconds, they are free to walk. However, they will be constantly missing their limbs and keep the face unless the player resets.

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