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Skirt icon in dress up menu

Skirts are wearable items in Royale High that are customizable and some are even toggleable. They can be purchased with the in-game currency of diamonds. Skirt prices vary from 0 diamonds to 50,000 diamonds and can be customized using custom colors or two-tone color combinations. Players who have purchased the Special Fabric Designs pass have access to 500+ more fabric designs, which can be used to further customize skirts.

Skirt Price (Diamonds) Image
Secret Fairy on Earth 2,000
Secret Fairy on Earth.png
Miniskirt 2,500
Real Life Mermaid 5,000
Real Life Mermaid.png
Velvet Bow Royal Mini-Skirt 5,000


Velvet Bow Royal Mini-Skirt.png
Ruffle Velvet Bow Mini-Skirt 5,000


Ruffle Velvet Bow Mini-Skirt.png
Pleated Skirt 5,500
Pleated Skirt.png
Cherry Blossom Kimono Skirt 8,000

(available in April and May)

Cherry Blossom Kimono Skirt.png
Cottage Princess 10,000
Cottage Princess.png
Sparkly Party Tutu 10,000
Sparkly Party Tutu.png
Fluttering Butterfly Skirt 15,000
Fluttering Butterfly Skirt.png
Sparkly Sarong 15,000

(available June through August)

Sparkly Sarong.png
Ballroom Entrance 16,500
Ballroom Entrance.png
Dragging Train Rose Dress 20,000
Dragging Train Rose Dress.png
Enchanting Heirloom Cage Skirt 23,000
Enchanting Heirloom Cage Skirt.png
Royal Stroll in the Garden 23,500
Royal Stroll in the Garden.png
Babydoll Adorable Dress 24,000

(available June through August)

Babydoll Adorable Dress.png
Dear Dollie Ruffled Skirt 25,000
Dear Dollie Ruffled Skirt.png
Queen of the Ocean 25,000
Queen of the Ocean.png
Magical Enchantress 25,000
Magical Enchantress.png
Magical Guardian of Love and Justice 28,000
Magical Guardian of Love and Justice.png
Royale Rebel Bustle Skirt 28,000

(available in October)

Royale Rebel Bustle Skirt.png
Shadow Empress Jeweled Skirt 28,000

(available in October)

Shadow Empress Jeweled Skirt.png
Darling Valentina Morning & Evening Skirt 30,000

(available in February & early March)

Darling Valentina Morning & Evening Skirt.png
Mon Chéri Tea Party Skirt 30,000

(available in February and March)

Mon Chéri Tea Party Skirt.png
Princess Starfrost Magical Skirt 32,000

(available in December & January)

Princess Starfrost Magical Skirt.PNG
Large Train Bow Skirt 33,000


Large Train Bow Skirt.png
Summer Fantasy Breezy Beach Skirt 35,000

(available June through September)

Summer Fantasy Breezy Beach Skirt.png
Winter Guardian Snowstorm Skirt 35,000

(available in December & January)

Winter Guardian Snowstorm Skirt(Default).png
Moonlight Goddess Ultimate Floof 36,000
Moonlight Goddess Ultimate Floof.png
Miss Lady Rose 50,000
Miss Lady Rose (skirt).png
FREE Glowing Beach Skirt Free

(available for April Fool's Day)

FREE Glowing Beach Skirt.png
Fanned Out Bow Skirt N/A

(Unavailable - bugged duplicate item)

Velvet Bow Royal Mini-Skirt.png
Midnight Mademoiselle N/A

(Gamepass award)

Midnight Mademoiselle.png
Midnight's Strike Popstar Performance Skirt N/A

(New Years 2021 quest reward)

MSP Performance Skirt(Default).png