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Sets in Royale High are groups of accessories, skirts, and shoes that are intended to be worn together as a whole outfit. They are usually sold in the shop together, either permanently or during a certain season.

Most sets are meant to fit the Woman body, but some fit the Boy body. Individual items in sets are sold separately, and some have toggles depending on the item in use. Set pieces with differences per body can be swapped by changing the body bundle used.

List of sets

A category containing all sets can be found at Category:Item sets.

What the Royale High Wiki considers a set for documentation purposes may slightly differ from the game due to site style policy. Some items loosely called a set by the game may be considered a "collection" by the wiki policies and not included on this page, but are on the Collections page.

Permanent sets

Sets that are always sold by the shop year round. Also visible at Category:Permanent sets.

Set Total (Diamonds) Image
Dear Dollie


Dear Dollie.png
Enchanting Heirloom


Enchanting Heirloom.png
Fluttering Butterfly


Fluttering Butterfly.png
Miss Lady Rose



Seasonal sets

Sets that are only obtainable or purchasable for a limited time, but come back every year (with the exception of the Midnight's Strike Popstar set, which could only be obtained by completing quests during the New Years 2021 event). Also visible at Category:Seasonal sets.

Set Total (Diamonds) Image
Darling Valentina



sold in February & March

Darling Valentina.PNG
Midnight's Strike Popstar



(rewarded from New Years 2021 event)

Midnight's Strike Popstar (Default).png
Midnight's Strike Popstar (Boy).png
Mon Chéri Tea Party



sold in February & March

Mon Chéri Tea Party.png
Mon Chéri Tea Party (Boy).png
Princess Starfrost



sold in December & January

Princess Starfrost.PNG
Royale Rebel



sold in October

Royale Rebel.png
Royale Rebel (Boy).png
Shadow Empress



sold in October

Spring Cherry Blossom



sold in April-May

Spring Cherry Blossom.png
Spring Cherry Blossom (Boy).png
Summer Fantasy



sold in June-September

Summer Fantasy.png
Summer Fantasy boy.png
Winter Guardian



sold in December & January

Winter Guardian(Woman).png
Winter Guardian(Boy).png