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The Halloween Event in 2022 began on October 2, 2022, being updated in Moonlight Square, introducing the Whimsy Witch set & New GUI.

The event realm, Wickery Cliffs, came back on October 4, 2022 with minor reworks for the Halloween event activities. New candy shop items were released along with this update.


New items were released, along with items from previous years going back on sale.

Candy Bag[]

The Kitty Candy Bag 2022 is obtainable from a chest in the middle of the neighborhood in Wickery Cliffs.


The following accessories from previous years were reworked with the update:

The following accessories obtained toggles with the update:

Whimsy Witch Set[]

A new set also exclusive to the month of October, Whimsy Witch, released with the update. It was created by PureSweetener.

Name Price (Diamonds) Image
Whimsy Witch Dark Sisters Coven Hat 25,000
Whimsy Witch Dark Sisters Coven Hat
Whimsy Witch Hexed Bodice 28,000
Whimsy Witch Hexed Bodice
Whimsy Witch Hexed Bodice(Boy)
Whimsy Witch Spells & Incantations Skirt 50,000
Whimsy Witch Spells & Incantations Skirt
Whimsy Witch Academia Troublemaker Shoes 80,000
Whimsy Witch Academia Troublemaker Shoes
Whimsy Witch Academia Troublemaker Shoes(Boy)

Candy Store[]

All previous candy store items from previous years returned, along with 5 new items:

Name Price (Candy) Image
Ghost Head 175
Ghost Head
Hot Head Plugs 1,000
Hot Head Plugs
Steampunk Clockwork Skirt 10,000
Steampunk Clockwork Skirt
Steampunk Undercity Sword Belt 10,000
Steampunk Undercity Sword Belt
Steampunk Inventor Bodice 20,000
Steampunk Inventor Bodice


The Witching Hour Autumn Halo 2022 was released with the update as a rare possible reward from the new Halloween fountain stories.

Sunset Island[]

Sunset Island got a rework by Vioncii for the Halloween season, and new themes were added.

Wickery Cliffs[]

Main article: Wickery Cliffs

Wickery Cliffs is an autumn-themed town that has been decorated for Halloween.


Steampunk Aerotechnic Wings alt1

Maze prize

The 2022 maze awards players the Steampunk Aerotechnic Wings. It is located in a cavern in Wickery Cliffs.


Spawn area[]

The town center contains a fountain, a train station, apple bobbing stations, Gemma's Candy Swap, and some buildings. Some chests are hidden in this area. There are also places where the player can rest, which are the leaf piles scattered around.


The neighborhood has many houses that can be trick-or-treated at, along with some roleplay activities in the center and a chest.

Blackwood Manor[]

Beyond the neighborhood of Wickery Cliffs is a long path that leads to a haunted mansion called “Blackwood Manor”. Here you can hunt ghosts with friends as a way to get candies. This is part of the “part 2” of the Halloween update, meaning at first release it was temporarily inaccessible.


Trick or Treating[]

Players can go up to houses and ring the doorbells to receive 1 to 10 candies. Every house can be rang every 2 minutes (120 seconds), and the same house cannot be rung twice in a row.

There is also a low unavoidable chance for a "jumpscare" monster to appear instead and give no candy. The monster will then chase the player for approximately 5 seconds, killing the player if it touches them. The jumpscare monsters can be outran by sprinting or flying away until they despawn. The jumpscare monsters include a doll holding a knife, a vampire, a ghost, a spider, and demonic twins inspired by the ones from The Shining. If the player survives the monster, they are able to knock on the door of the house again and get candy.

Apple Bobbing[]

Around the spawn area are stands to bob for apples. There is a small chance when interacted that the player will successfully get an apple, rewarding 10 candies. If the player doesn't get an apple, the game will automatically keep bobbing until an apple is received.

Gemma's Diamond Exchange[]

Gemma has a stand near the train station where candy can be exchanged for diamonds. The exchange rate is one candy for three diamonds.

While the swap window and stand say Gemma's Diamond Exchange, the intro join window calls it Gemma's Candy Swap.

Ghost Hunting[]

At the end of the hill, players can enter Blackwood Manor, a haunted mansion to hunt ghosts. In the first room, players can grab a ghost gun, night vision goggles, headlamps, and can refill ammo and empty the vacuum. In the second room, players can shoot ghosts to trap them and then stay near them to vacuum them to gain candy. Players can get candy from capturing ghosts or shooting them, and can get teammate bonuses when they assist teammates.