Rules and Regulations

The rules and regulations of the Royale High Wikia must be followed at all times by all users. Failing to do so may result in a warning, or block. All posts, edits and comments must follow these rules.



  • All users must abide by FANDOM'S Terms of Use.
  • All editors must be 13 years of age or older, due to COPPA.
    • Parent permission or overseeing is not applicable to COPPA restrictions.
  • The impersonation of any person is not allowed.


  • Bullying is not tolerated. Harassment and slander is forbidden. Do not be unkind, hateful, rude, or threatening in any way. 
    • This includes discussions or comments about other players roleplay names, outfits, actions, etc.
  • Follow the Roblox rules, including its filters. All content should be appropriate, including avoiding vulgar or inappropriate language.
  • Spamming or other unnecessary commenting/posting is disallowed.
    • This includes excessive polls on discussions. Please do not create a poll if another user has already created a similar or identical one.
      • Please do not create multiple polls in a row.
  • Posts that can be seen as offensive will be removed. Please try to keep posts child friendly, and avoid "flamebait" or any other posting that encourages or promotes drama. 
  • Do not mini-mod. Mini-modding involves trying to enforce or forcibly suggest the following of rules without being a staff member.
  • Please keep speculation about the game to a minimum, and keep it to blog posts and discussions. Please only post information that comes from the development team. 


  • Vandalism or other destructive editing is forbidden.
  • All pages must have information upon creation.
  • Do not make pages for objects/rooms etc. that do need to have one. For example, the Divinia Gate does not need a page, as there is nothing much to be said about it.
  • No discussions should be created in regards to trading. Trading is not allowed on the wiki.
  • Keep pages unbiased. Keep opinions to comments, blog posts and discussions.


  • All "tip" guides need to be in blog posts and not in the comments of articles. (For example, a guide to earn diamonds)
  • Do not comment with pictures of, or discuss, your character, and the items you own on articles, these must be put into a blog post or discussion.
  • Do not comment your opinions of an item on an article. Please use discussions and blogs for this. 
  • Please do not spread misinformation, either malicious or easily corrected. This applies mostly to answering questions you do not know the answer to.
  • Please do not use signatures when commenting on articles. 

Style Guide for Posting & Editing

The style guide is a guideline to how pages, edits and images should be formatted and organized.

Not following the guidelines is not considered a violation of the rules, but it will be fixed and possibly advised upon. Failure to change to following guidelines after advisory, however, may result in moderation action.


  • Correct use of grammar, spelling and punctuation is required.
  • All edits must be written in American English.
  • The names of articles and other topics should be presented as they appear in the game or as officially presented by the developers. (For example; "Corrupt Halo" rather than "Dark Halo".)
  • Unless as a proper noun, article names should be in sentence case. (For example: "Town wheel" over "Town Wheel".)
  • All quotations and direct transclusions of in-game reference should be included as written (i.e. including any typos). Typos may be selectively marked with [sic] if applicable.
  • Content on pages must remain unbiased and must be written in the third person. Avoid words like "I", "you", "we", etc.


  • Every new page must begin with information about the topic.
    • In game objects and items should note the item type (e.g. Accessory, Skirt, Heels) 
    • Pages about game functions should describe their purpose.
    • When naming and creating an event page, consider:
    • Event pages, should begin with "(name of event) took place during (the year it occurred) and lasted from (month/day) to (month/day)."
  • All pages should be organised into sections.
    • When the subject is changed, a new heading should begin.
  • Try to avoid adding trivia sections. Write the information into the article where appropriate.
  • Reference information and images where appropriate.
    • When referencing a page on the wiki, use embedded links [[like this]] to the page.

Sub Pages

  • If an event is reoccurring (it happens every year), then any new installment should be created as a sub page under a general holiday name. For example, Halloween is reoccurring, so the page should be named "Halloween/2018" and then the information on that page can be added to the tab view of the Halloween page.
    • If there is no main page for the event already, it must be created first before creating a sub page. 
    • If the event is not reoccurring, then the event page name should be titled "(name of event)".

Topic Pages

For realms within the game.
These should use the {{Infobox realm}} template.
For developers of the game.
A developer page should use the {{Infobox developer}} template.
Item sets
For named sets of consistent items meant to be all worn together. This will only be done for sets that intend to require this.
These should use the {{Infobox itemset}} template.
Item sets that share names with items they are a part of should use clarifying statements in parenthesis, e.g. Miss Lady Rose (set) vs. Miss Lady Rose (skirt). A redirect for the full name should go to the set page.
Individual articles for a single accessory, skirt, or shoes.
These should use the {{Infobox item}} template.

Image Guidelines

  • Images should not have watermarks or crediting information on the image.
  • Images should be screen captured, and of a high quality - preferably taken with the highest graphic settings enabled on Roblox.
    • When taking a screenshot of an item, make sure it is the only item worn in the image to ensure there is not confusion about what the item is and looks like.
    • Make sure the image is not too dark, and the items/object is clearly visible.
  • Don't replace images if it is unnecessary.
  • PNG images are preferred over JPEG images.

Changes to Rules and Style Guide

The rules/guidelines can be changed at any time by wiki staff and all edits/posts will be held to them. Major edits to these rules and guidelines will be announced alongside a discussions post. 

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.