Royale High Wiki

These are the rules and style guide for the Royale High Wiki.

The Discussions forum has separate rules. They can be seen at Royale High Wiki:Discussions guidelines
They work alongside these policies, and violations will result in warnings or blocks (bans) that apply on both sites.

A block is a ban for you, not your account. Making new accounts to get around blocks will result in longer blocks.

Rules and Regulations

The rules and regulations of the Royale High Wikia must be followed at all times by all users. Failing to do so may result in a warning, or block. All posts, edits and comments must follow these rules.



  • All users must abide by FANDOM'S Terms of Use.
  • The discussions boards have extra guidelines that can be reviewed here. They work alongside these wiki rules.
  • All editors must be 13 years of age or older, due to COPPA.
    • Parent permission or overseeing of the account's actions is not applicable to COPPA restrictions. The person who made the account, and anyone who uses the account, MUST be 13 or older.
  • The impersonation of any person is not allowed.
    • Accounts with usernames that suggest impersonation will be told to change or prove their identity. These users will be blocked until either of these are done.


  • Bullying is not tolerated. Harassment and slander is forbidden. Do not be unkind, hateful, rude, or threatening in any way.
  • All content should be family-friendly and appropriate. Vulgar, inappropriate, offensive, and/or NSFW language is forbidden.
  • Spamming or other unnecessary commenting/posting is disallowed.
  • Posts that can be seen as offensive will be removed. Please try to keep posts child friendly, and avoid "flamebait" or any other posting that encourages or promotes drama.
  • Do not mini-mod. Mini-modding involves trying to enforce or forcibly suggest the following of rules without being a staff member.
  • Please keep speculation about the game to a minimum, and keep it to blog posts and discussions. Please only post information that comes from the development team.
  • Trading offers are NOT allowed on the wiki site whatsoever. This also includes trading offer discussions, including but not limited to asking for values of items, W/F/L checks, giveaways, or anything that may insist trading.
    • This extends to anywhere within this wiki, including comments, walls, and Discussions.
    • This also includes anything external being advertised, such as asking to friend first, advertising other wikis or websites for trading, or invites to Discord servers for trading.
    • Any and all violations otherwise will be warned first before blocked. Any scamming attempts will result in a block regardless.


  • Vandalism or other destructive editing is forbidden.
  • All pages must have information upon creation.
  • Do not make pages for objects/rooms etc. that do need to have one. For example, the Divinia Gate does not need a page, as there is nothing much to be said about it.
  • Any content mistaking this wiki as an official contact point for the development team of the game is subject to being removed.
  • Users may be unable to make bulky edits until they have contributed to the wiki for a while.
  • No discussions should be created in regards to trading. Trading is not allowed on the wiki.
  • Formatting and styling decisions should not be made on a whim, and should follow the style guide. Articles do not need to "look pretty" or be engaging; they are informative.
  • Keep pages unbiased. Keep opinions to comments, blog posts and discussions.
  • This is a wiki and not a social media site. Article text is not for opinions, suggestions, advice, or commentary. Adding or removing important content to add this type of information will be considered vandalism and have you blocked.


The Discussions forum has its own page regarding rules that can be read at Royale High Wiki:Discussions guidelines. These rules apply with the general wiki rules.

Article talk pages

  • All "tip" guides need to be in blog posts or Discussions and not in the talk pages of articles. (For example, a guide to earn diamonds)
  • Do not comment with pictures of, or discuss, your character, and the items you own on articles or talk pages; these must be put into a blog post or on Discussions.
  • Do not comment your opinions of an item on an article. Please use discussions and blogs for this.
  • Do not spread misinformation, either malicious or easily corrected. This applies mostly to answering questions you do not know the answer to. If you don't know, don't make a guess, just don't answer.


A block is a form of ban from a wiki that restricts a user from editing or contributing. When an account is blocked, it is meant as "the person who operates the account should no longer be editing until the block expires" - hence why making a new account is considered bypassing. Making a new account to get around your block will get you blocked longer.

If you are disputing a block in which you cannot use your message wall on the wiki, you must use Community Central. Using any other site or region to contact an administrator about your block will be ignored.

The following table is the typical block lengths given with common reasons on the wiki. Admins may increase or decrease varied by case (e.g. repeat offenses), and therefore blocks should not be disputed solely under that the reason does not match a "given" length:

Length Reasons
Up to one day
  • Extremely minor infractions, usually intended to ask for the user to read their talk page due to an existing reminder (spamming or unintentional disruptive posting)
  • Minimodding / attempting to enforce rules as non-staff
  • Asking for free edits/art
3 days - 1 week
  • Adding minor nonsense, spam, or commentary to articles
  • Spammy page creation or flooding Discussions
  • Thread derailing
  • Repeated spread of false information, intended in good faith
  • Posting trading offers or offer-related questions
  • Repeat necrobumping/necroposting
2 weeks - 1 month
  • General vandalism
  • Repeated rudeness, bullying, or other mean behavior towards other users
  • Trolling, trying to start or bring up problems or drama
  • Advertising external sites to make trade offers
  • Using this wiki to partake in cross-wiki matters
  • Attempting to scam through trading (or encouragement of trade scamming)
  • Asking for donations (given free items/currency)
  • Participating on bypass wikis (duplicate wikis made and used by blocked users)
  • Intentional misinformation
  • Art/creation reposting (from other people)
  • Minor cross-wiki disputes or issues relevant to this wiki
3 - 6 months
  • Major vandalism
  • Inappropriate content, light NSFW
  • Bypassing filters intentionally
  • Attempting to post phishing scams or other harmful content
  • Cross-trading (trading unofficially between Roblox games or RMT)
  • Threatening other people, death threats
  • Utilizing other wikis to attack, harass, or slander users on this wiki
  • Creating or advertising bypass wikis (cross-wiki harassment)
  • Discriminative behavior
  • Art/creation theft (claiming other's creations as your own)
  • Major cross-wiki disputes or issues relevant to this wiki
1+ years, or infinite
  • Mass vandalism
  • Extremely NSFW content / intentionally posting NSFW
  • Sockpuppetry or block bypassing
  • Impersonation
  • Under the age of 13

User rights

Due to the nature of the community on this wiki, the granting of user rights is handled through our Discord server typically by means of vouching by existing wiki staff and input from the wiki editors in our Discord. Currently, only discussions moderator rights and content moderator rights can be granted.

The base "requirements" to be considered for user rights:

  • Has participated on Royale High Wiki
  • Maturity, objectivity, and intent to help
  • Shows understanding of wiki policy and guidelines
  • Understands basics of using Fandom (navigation, can use talk pages, etc)
  • No major blocks or warnings
  • Has a Roblox account
  • Has Discord account, at least somewhat active on Discord overall, can join our Discord server and sometimes participate
  • Wiki editing/MediaWiki knowledge and skill (content mods only)
  • Has assisted (or inquired to assist) in editing projects on our Discord
  • Has not constantly asked to be a mod
  • Would be beneficial for the user to have the rights

Other good traits or things we look for, but not necessary:

  • Moderation experience
  • Familiar with or plays Royale High
  • Understands moderating is not fun, will not make them popular/famous/an influencer, is not to show off or act superior to other users, etc.
  • Understands to not feed trolls or take their words to heart
    • Wikis about Roblox get a lot of trolls that personally attack and harass their staff. Those not used to it or that aren't in the right mental headspace to handle it, shouldn't.
  • Highly suggested to be 15+ years of age due to that moderation will sometimes include having to remove inappropriate content that may be mentally scarring or disgusting
    • Your age will never be asked for by our staff, and really shouldn't be shared; this is only a suggestion due to the warning.

Meeting the list does not guarantee anything, as a person's personality and skills are what is mainly considered. Being in the Royale High Wiki Discord is required for consideration.

Style Guide for Editing

The style guide is a guideline to how pages, edits and images should be formatted and organized.

Not following the guidelines is not considered a violation of the rules, but it will be fixed and possibly advised upon. Failure to change to following guidelines after advisory, however, may result in moderation action.


  • Correct use of grammar, spelling and punctuation is required.
  • All edits must be written in American English.
  • Dates are formatted like "January 1, 2020"
  • The names of articles and other topics should be presented as they appear in the game or as officially presented by the developers. (For example; "Corrupt Halo" rather than "Dark Halo".)
    • No nicknames should be used for items.
  • Unless they are a proper noun, article names should be in sentence case. (For example: "Town wheel" instead of "Town Wheel".)
  • All quotations and direct transclusions of in-game reference should be included as written (i.e. including any typos). Typos may be selectively marked with [sic] if applicable.
  • Content on pages must remain unbiased and must be written in the third person. Avoid words like "I", "you", "we", etc. - use "the player", "players", etc.


  • Every new page must begin with information about the topic.
    • In game objects and items should note the item type (e.g. Accessory, Skirt, Heels)
    • Pages about game functions should describe their purpose.
    • When naming and creating an event page, consider:
    • Event pages, should begin with "(name of event) took place during (the year it occurred) and lasted from (month/day) to (month/day)."
  • All pages should be organized into sections.
    • When the subject is changed, a new heading should begin.
  • Try to avoid adding trivia sections. Write the information into the article where appropriate.
  • Reference information and images where appropriate. Please only refer directly to developer input when referencing statements by developers, or input that is approved by developers.
    • When referencing a page on the wiki, use embedded links [[like this]] to the page.

Sub Pages

  • If an event is reoccurring (it happens every year), then any new installment should be created as a sub page under a general holiday name. For example, Halloween is reoccurring, so the page should be named "Halloween/2018" and then the information on that page can be added to the tab view of the Halloween page.
    • If there is no main page for the event already, it must be created first before creating a sub page.
    • If the event is not reoccurring, then the event page name should be titled "(name of event)".

Topic Pages

For realms within the game.
These should use the
Royale High Thumbnail (from the game's thumbnail on Roblox).png
For developers of the game.
A developer page should use the
Royale High Thumbnail (from the game's thumbnail on Roblox).png
Item sets
For named sets of consistent items meant to be all worn together as an outfit (requires 3-4 items, decided at admin discretion). This will only be done for sets that intend to require this.
These should use the
Royale High Thumbnail (from the game's thumbnail on Roblox).png
Item sets that share names with items they are a part of should use clarifying statements in parenthesis, e.g. Miss Lady Rose (set) vs. Miss Lady Rose (skirt). A redirect for the full name should go to the set page.
Item sets that have a noteworthy amount of different models or intended adjustments for different Roblox body bundles should utilize the gallery function within infoboxes' |image parameter. The version labeled to be the first (default) should be the versions as shown on the item thumbnails in-game.
Individual articles for a single accessory, skirt, or shoes.
These should use the
Royale High Thumbnail (from the game's thumbnail on Roblox).png
Items that have different models or intended adjustments for different Roblox body bundles should utilize the gallery function within infoboxes' |image parameter. The version labeled to be the first (default) should be the version as shown on the item's thumbnail in-game. If the difference between adjustments for other bodies is negligible (barely anything is different besides position/sizing), there is no need to document how it displays on different bodies.

Image Guidelines

  • Images should not have watermarks or crediting information on the image.
  • Images should be screen captured on a PC utilizing the freecam feature (Crystal Ball pass), and of a high quality - preferably taken with Roblox's graphic level of 10 (unless the image subject has issues with shadows or neon material, in which it should use graphics level 8 or 9).
    • Item, set, and collection images should be taken on the greenscreen on Earth, set to the black background (or the dark grey in cases where black cannot be used).
    • Make sure the image is not too dark or bright, and the items/object is clearly visible. Respect contrast - try testing the image with a black & white filter to ensure it is clearly visible.
  • Don't replace images if it is unnecessary. Please consider consulting User:Karasuneth about image replacements, as they are often directed on our Discord.
  • PNG images are preferred over other images.

Images in infoboxes

Should show a full encompassing or defining image for that realm.
Additional images, such as seasonal changes, should be added to a gallery.
Should use a non-seasonal common use dev avatar. Please do not actively replace these.
Item sets
A defining image of the set in all default settings paired with a non-intrusive face and hairstyle should be used.
Utilize an infobox gallery to show the default setting look for all body types the set is made for.
Item pages
Should use an image showing the item in plain use in the infobox.
Hair should be used if the item is meant to be worn with hair, but the hairstyle should not be obstructive.
Make sure it is the only item worn in the image to ensure there is not confusion about what the item is and looks like (excluding the Human Ears for any earrings).
Infobox galleries may be used to show versions for different body types, toggles, and/or older versions of an item. If the amount of images required exceeds 4, or there are more than 2 toggles (3 settings total), non-default images should be moved to a gallery on the page with the infobox only showing the default versions for each body type. (Example: Summer Fantasy Seashell Sandals)

Changes to Rules and Style Guide

The rules/guidelines can be changed at any time by wiki staff and all edits/posts will be held to them. Major edits to these rules and guidelines will be announced alongside a blog post or discussions post.

Affiliation Notice

The Royale High Wiki itself does not have an official account on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Roblox, or any other website.

Note: Some Twitter handles prior used for impersonation have been taken by our staff to prevent their use. They will be locked accounts that link to this page in their bio. They will not accept followers and are not planned to be used besides as holding accounts.