These are the extended and full policies concerning the Discussions forum of the Royale High Wiki.
They work alongside the primary wiki rules's general account and behavior policy.

By using the Discussions forum on Royale High Wiki, a user agrees to that they have:

  • read these rules,
  • agree to follow these rules,
  • and agree that if they violate the rules, they are subject to discipline such as warnings or blocks (bans).

If your account has been blocked, you have broken these rules enough to that it has been decided that you as a person with an account are not allowed to post on or edit Royale High Wiki until your block expires. Making new accounts to use the Royale High Wiki when blocked, for any reason (including to appeal), will be considered bypassing. If you have questions about a block, you are to use Community Central to contact an administrator about that block.

Most importantly, please remember that the Discussions forums are NOT social media. Threads should have meaning and effort. Attempting to attention seek or otherwise acting in a way that seems to be trying to gain "fans" on the wiki will be shut down by staff.

The Royale High Wiki is UNOFFICIAL and is NOT affiliated with the developers of Royale High - we cannot help you with game issues and we do NOT know when updates will happen! Please direct these to the actual Developers.


  1. The full Discussions rules and the Royale High Wiki account and behavior policies apply to Discussions.
    1. The full Royale High Wiki rules can be read at Royale High Wiki:Wiki rules
  2. Be respectful and friendly to other users.
    1. Do not cause or participate in drama or arguments, or make callout posts.
  3. Do not swear or use inappropriate/vulgar language.
    1. Adult content is a permanent ban.
  4. Do not make posts of topics that are on our Prohibited Topics list.
  5. Spamming, trolling, or other disruptive behavior is not permitted.
    1. Trolls will be immediately blocked without warning.
  6. Off-topic, spammy, or low-effort posts of any kind will be removed.
    1. Post titles should be relevant and clear to the post content.
    2. All posts should encourage discussion. Polls are discouraged.
  7. Making trading offers or asking questions about trades (e.g. values or W/F/L) will result in a ban. Using this site to promote trading offers in any way is not allowed.
    1. Please review the Prohibited Topics list below for more examples as to what this rule includes.
  8. Do not make pre-posts or "personal status update" posts. This is not social media.
  9. Advertising is not allowed.
  10. All creation and art posts must be your own and follow our Creation Sharing Policy.
  11. Trying to bypass bans or find loopholes in the rules will result in bans.
  12. Do not minimod (give warnings, say something's against rules, act as staff). Please only report rulebreaking posts - do not participate in them at all.

Prohibited Topics

The following topics are not allowed to be posted on the Discussions forum:

  • Trading offers OR questions that concern offers
    This INCLUDES (but is not limited to):
    • making an offer or asking for offers
    • asking about the value or rarity of an item
    • asking if a trade is fair (W/F/L)
    • giveaways
    • commissions
    • trying to advertise yourself for trading ("friend me on Roblox to trade")
    • advertising or directing to trading sites, communities, or wikis
    • posting on the wiki to direct elsewhere for a trade
    • asking the wiki to allow these
    • cross-trading (3 month block + report to related wikis)
  • Posts about other players (targeted posts)
    This INCLUDES (but is not limited to):
    • Online dating (ODing/ODers)
    • Warnings about other users (scamming, etc.)
    • "RH cringe" (complaining about "cringy" or "bad" nicknames, outfits, etc)
    • Pictures of chat logs
    • RH community drama that names particular people (nondevs)
  • Anything that promotes or encourages exploiting, including AFK farming and botting
  • Bug reports
  • Long story posts, including OC stories, POVs, fanfiction, CYOAs
  • Advertising or directing to other wikis, websites, Discord servers, etc.
  • Any post involving Gacha Life / Gacha Club
  • Any contests or competitions
  • Fountain story answers or fanmade fountain stories
  • Cross-wiki issues (involving other Fandom wikis)
  • Personal posts or posts directed at specific or particular users
  • Moderation actions or questions about wiki moderation/rules
    • Please use an admin's talk page to ask these questions.

Creation Sharing Policy

These apply to any creations shared by users on the forum.

  • All creations must be your own (made by you).
  • All image-focused posts should be in the Pictures & Videos category.
  • Character "art" that focuses on mostly tracing or painting over an existing screenshot is an edit and not artwork - label your creations correctly.
  • If you use a base in your artwork, it must be stated and credited with a link to the original base, of which must be explicitly stated to be a free use base in its source posting.
  • Posts made with avatar creators such as Gacha, Picrew, etc. are not allowed.
  • It is heavily preferred that all artwork content has some relation to Royale High.
  • Do NOT ask for free art/edits of your character - look around or wait for a slot post for these.
  • Slot posts for art/edits/etc (e.g. "I'll draw your OC" posts) must contain all responses within that offer thread. Do not make new posts for each finished piece directed towards a specific user.


Using the forum

The forum has specific categories that posts are required to be put into. Not putting your post into the right category may result in it being removed.

  • Pictures & Videos - for any posts focused on showing off an image or video.
  • Tips & Tricks - for any posts giving tips, guides, outfit hacks, etc.
  • Help - for general game questions. (Not for wiki editing questions - please consult a staff member.)
  • General - for posts allowed by the rules that do not fit into other categories.
  • The Staff Announcements category is for staff use only. Categorizing your post under this category will have it removed.

If your post is removed, please note that we are unable to let you see what was posted nor directly tie a removal reason onto the post - this is a limitation to how Fandom has Discussions set up, it is not something we are able to add.

This site supports the English language only. Posts not in understandable English or that utilize "ascii fonts" will be removed.

The Discussions forums are particularly a forum - that is why it is referred to as such. Forums are more organized areas to talk about a topic. They are NOT SOCIAL MEDIA! Please don't treat our forum like Twitter or Instagram. We do not allow the development of influencer culture.

In relation, the following is discouraged/disallowed, and will be shut down by staff:
  • Making posts asking for likes
  • Showing off for attention / "flexing"
  • Posting too many threads, or replying to posts just for the sake of replying
  • Attempting to attention-seek or bait for compliments or validation (e.g. via self-deprecation)
  • Pre-posting, (for example, asking "should I post X?" or saying "I'm going to post X later!")
  • Posting "personal status updates" (for example, "I have to go for today, it's bedtime!")
  • Discussing sensitive topics that have no purpose being on a fansite for Royale High

Reporting rulebreaking posts

If you see a user on the forum violating rules, please report it to staff. The two ways you can report are:

  • Using the "Report Post" button on the specific violating thread or reply by the user. This is accessed through the post actions dropdown.
    • This is best for minor infractions that do not need immediate attention, but using Report Post is still useful on all rulebreaking posts if you're not sure.
  • Going to an administrator or moderator's talk page and linking the post in a new message to them.
    • This is a better option for if it needs faster attention.
    • If it is something severe that needs a user blocked immediately, like adult content, please particularly use User talk:Karasuneth.

Please do not minimod on the forum or wiki. Minimodding involves trying to give reminders, warnings, advise on rules, or otherwise act as staff when you are not. If you see a problem with a post, please report it by means of either of the above listed methods.

Moderation and handling

The Royale High Wiki has various Discussions Moderators to help enforce these policies. Not following rules or trying to be disruptive through violation of guidelines will result in warnings from staff or blocks (bans) from Royale High Wiki. More details on blocks may be viewed here.

Wiki staff reminders, warnings, and details given with blocks should be followed by users.

Posts on the discussion forum asking about things such as post removals will be deleted.
Instead, follow these steps to answer your question:

  1. Read the entire Discussions guidelines page, checking what you may have broken.
  2. Read the guidelines again.
  3. If you still don't know, ask on an active mod's talk page. (User talk:Karasuneth, User talk:0Michael105)

If you have any additional questions about moderation of Discussions in general or in regards to you specifically, such as asking for more details on a rule or asking if something specific violates the rules, please post on User talk:Karasuneth with your question. Using the forum to make these questions will have your post removed and possibly ignored if not immediate.

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