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Royale High Campus 2 (also known as the Royale High 2 realm or simply Campus 2, sometimes referred to as the Current Campus, and previously the New Campus) was released on June 4th, 2018. Players can do various things on campus such as attending class to earn experience, earning diamonds, roleplaying with other players, sleeping, purchasing and eating food from the cafeteria, and attending the Dance. It was reworked partially on March 1, 2022 as part of the Dewdrop Showers 2022 event, updating the terrain, flora, and decorations along with some of the layout, adding loading screens, adjusting some of the classes for accessibility, and removing fixed diamond spawn locations in favor of randomized locations. The look of the diamonds have also changed during this event, to the shape of a heart, similar to the diamonds in Earth. diamonds are in 6 different colors; hot pink and pink (1 diamond) blue (3 diamonds) green (5 diamonds) purple (10 diamonds) light yellow (20 diamonds). On the sandy areas near the water you can possibly find shell shaped diamonds on the sand.

During Halloween 2018 event, the castle was changed to match the season. During both the Christmas 2018 and 2019 events, the Castle was changed to an ice castle for the winter season.



Royale High(New Campus) Dorms.png

The dorms are located on the third and fourth floors of the campus. Players can claim dorms by pressing the “Move In!” on the heart that is right of the door. This feature locks out any unwanted visitors from the door. Inside each dorm, they have a kitchen/dining area, a TV with bean bag chairs, a painting easel, a piano, a fireplace, a sunken living room, window seating, and doors leading to the two bedrooms.

Walking through the blue door, the bedroom consists of two floors. The first floor has a bookshelf, a desk, a chair, a laptop, an easel, and a ladder to the second floor. The second floor has a bed, a table, a chair, a side table, some window seating, and a tall candelabra. Lighting consists of three string lights and four sconce lights. Another door found on the second floor leads to one of the balconies outside of the school.

Walking through the pink door, the bedroom is only on one floor with a lot more space than the blue bedroom. The bedroom has two candelabras, two large chairs, two side tables, two faux fur rugs, a desk, a chair, a laptop, a divider, standing tri-fold mirror, a bed, an ottaman, window seating, and a large plant. Lighting consists of a chandelier and four sconce lights. On the left side of the room, there is a staircase to a door that leads to one of the balconies outside of the school.


Located on the right side when entering the school building, players can find the Castle Cafe. It is a small cafe-like area with an ordering counter, snack pick-up, and various seating. Breakfast is served everyday from 6 AM to 7 AM, lunch being served from 12PM to 1 PM, and snacks and drinks are served through any time of day outside the breakfast and lunch schedules. Price for the snacks cost from 3 to 6 diamonds. Drinks cost between 2 to 12 diamonds. Both breakfast and lunch cost between 8 to 12 diamonds.

If the player purchases food during breakfast or lunch, they will be given a meal ticket. Only way to claim the purchased food, the player must take their meal ticket to one of the BUTLER 3000 machines. After claiming their meal, the player can take the meal to an empty gold circle placemat located anywhere in the school. Note that once the food is placed on a table, it cannot be picked back up. In addition, any player, not just the player who paid for it, can eat food that has been placed down on a table, as long as they are sitting in the seat in front of it.

Porcelain Thrones

The Porcelain Thrones are public bathrooms and spas that are mainly for roleplay purposes. They are divided between two bathrooms; one for princesses and one for princes. The bathrooms are accessed by the avatar package you use, such as using the Woman Package and trying to go to the Prince bathroom. Players will hear “Access Granted” or “Access Denied”, depending if they tried to enter either of the bathrooms with a certain avatar package. Both bathrooms share the same spa area.

Inside either of the bathrooms, there are toilet stalls, vanity sinks, hairbrushes, hairdryers, bunny slippers, shower rooms, towel racks, towel bin, washing machines, & dryers. The Princess Bathroom has a large beauty lounge with makeup brushes, makeup palettes, tea station, and perfume. The Prince Bathroom is much smaller and has additional shower rooms. Both bathrooms have a staircase to the spa area.

If the player uses a hairdryer while the shower is actively running, they will be electrocuted. It will then remove the player’s limbs and change their face to a shocked "Donald" face from Thomas & Friends.[1] To fix their avatar, the player can simply reset their avatar. Whenever the player sleeps in the beds at the school, their hair will get messy. The way to fix their hair is to use the hairbrush or take a shower and use the conditioner.

Going inside the spa area, there are mud baths, a tea station, a bath, masks, chairs, and chocolate-covered strawberries. Players can also enter the mud bath, which it will cover their body. The way to remove it is either standing in an active shower, stand in the bath, or resetting. If the player uses one of the four masks, they can remove it by getting a facial hot towel or resetting their avatar. They can also equip the cucumbers by the masks station, and remove them by clicking the trash can by the station or resetting. The bath can be change colors by throwing one of the three bath bombs in it, which it only lasts for a few seconds.

The Porcelain Thrones were not added until August 16th of 2018, more than a month after the Realm's initial release contrary to the Prep Houses that were already in the Classic Campus upon release. This led to a bit of confusion prior to their announcement.

Swimming Pool

Located behind the main school building, players can find the swimming pool. Two classes take place in this area, which they are Swimming and P.E. class. On the side of the school facing towards the swimming pool, there are lockers and bleachers. Around the pool are clam beds, diamonds, beach chairs, a bridge, lifeguard chairs, and diving boards. Players can also find the mermaid grotto behind the waterfall to the pool.

During the Christmas 2018 and 2019 events, there was a small igloo found at the bottom of the pool.

Mermaid Grotto

Located behind the middle waterfall at the swimming pool, players can find a secret mermaid grotto. Two beds for merpeople and three lockers are found in this area, along with some diamonds inside.


Lockers can be found scattered around the main school building, near the swimming pool, and inside the mermaid grotto. They allow players to transfer items found inside their inventory and put them in their locker, or vice versa. They can be decorated by either purchasing inside contents and colors, though the player can paint their locker as many times as they want when they have the Paintbrush Pass! gamepass. Books inside the locker go for most of the classes, except Swimming and P.E. class, which grants additional experience for the “Book Check” in class.


Interior of the ballroom. Butlers can be seen walking around.

The ballroom is only open from 8 PM until 12 AM, which is when the Dance takes place. In the room behind the doors to English and Computer classes, the ballroom entrance along with lockers and an unused recording studio can be found there. It is possible for players to enter the ballroom before it officially starts, though the place will not spawn. The ballroom starts off with formal introductions, before allowing other players to go through the doors to the ball. A group of Butlers can be found moving around the ballroom in a set AI pathing, and players can interact with them to get hors d'oeuvres and drinks.

During the dance, two players can partner up to play a DDR style dancing minigame. Finishing a level gives diamonds and the maximum dance level is Level 8. Ever since the Journal update from June 17th, 2020, players can play the minigame alone by pressing the Ask to Dance button in their journal.

At 9:45 PM, a pop up will appear on the player’s screen asking if they want to run for Supreme Royalty. This will pause the minigame until Supreme Royalty has been announced. Then at 9:55 PM, players participating in Supreme Royalty will be teleported to a stand on the upper floor. Players have 2 options to vote and 45 seconds to vote for people. A few in-game minutes later, the curtains will open and reveal the two Supreme Royalties of the ball sitting on two crystal thrones, at the bottom of the screen, one pink and one blue text box will appear addressing the player's username of who won and their in game name. They will both get 500 diamonds and a blue sash with the words "Supreme Royalty" on it.


Players can attend classes and pass them will give them experience which can level a player up. Bringing the assigned textbook for some of the subjects gives additional experience for leveling up in the class

There are a few changes from the classes between New Royale High Campus to the Classic Campus. The typing part for Computer has changed, the P.E. track course has changed, and Music class was removed altogether.


During Art class, players are teleported inside the art room. After a few seconds, they will be teleported to an easel and have to copy the painting shown on the large board in the front of the room. Paintings are graded by how much was accurate and the time completed. If the player finishes before the timer, they are allowed to paint whatever they want.

The Art class was broken in 2020, which makes painting an easel harder since it displays it as blank with many names overlapping each other. Only way for the player to receive an A is to bring the paintbrush book. This was fixed later in 2021. It was further updated on March 1, 2022 to fix many bugs and errors, along with adding numbers for accessibility.


During Chemistry class, players will be teleported inside the chemistry room. They are given a small time frame to either choose a seat away from the main seats with a flask or let it choose a seat with a flask. The HUD at the top of the player’s screen will show a sequence of colored flasks, and the players have to replicate the right set of flasks. Failing to put the right colored flasks in order or taking too long will drop the player into the water. To obtain a better grade, the player has to put the colored flasks in the right order and be faster than their peers. It was updated on March 1, 2022 to have new potion icons that have different shapes (instead of only different colors) for accessibility.


During Baking class, players are teleported inside the Bakery and they can select a baking station. Players receive a grade depending how much of the baking process is complete. During the baking process, players can choose the cupcake name, flavor, liners, frosting, and toppings. After the player finishes making cupcakes, they can give to other players or themselves when holding the cupcake pan.


During Computer class, players are teleported inside the library. The HUD on the upper part of their screen will generate randomly selected letters, which the player has to press each letter within 90 seconds. Above all the participating players’ heads, there is a count on how many letters the player has pressed. Grading system then compares every participant’s score to the highest scorer, instead of a set range where players need to reach a certain score.


During English class, players are teleported inside the Lecture Hall. The large board displays various spelling-related questions, along with four answers. Players must select the correct answer before the time runs out. They will briefly have either the grades displaying A when they get an answer right, or F when they get an answer wrong. The final grade will be graded by the number of questions they got correct.


During swimming class, players are teleported to the swimming pool before getting placed on one of the wipeout platforms. Players have to jump over a moving pole and they will be graded on how many times they fall into the water. Less times the player falls into the water, the higher their grade will be.


During P.E., players are teleported to one side of the bridge over the pool before getting teleported to another platform. Players then have to wait 3 seconds before they are allowed to move around. Jumping down from the platform, players have to swim out of the water and then avoid the moving pole. Then they have to jump on platforms to get over to the ladder. After climbing up the ladder, players then have to jump over beams while on a fast moving runway. Finishing the course, the player flies through the rings to the lighthouse and rings the bell. Players will receive an A after completing the course, otherwise they will receive an F no matter how close they were to finishing.



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