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The new Royale High campus was released on June 4, 2018. Players can do many things on-campus, such as attending classes to earn experience for leveling up, earning diamonds, roleplaying with others, sleeping, buying and eating food at the cafeteria, and attending the Royal Ball for a chance to win Supreme Royalty. During the Christmas season, the Castle becomes an Ice Castle.


Each dorm houses two players.


The dorms are on the third and fourth floors. Each dorm has a dining/kitchen area, a TV with bean bag chairs, a painting easel, a piano (which does not work on mobile), a fireplace, a dip in the center with side tables and couches and 2 doors which are pink and blue respectively that leads to separate bedrooms.

The bedroom with the blue door includes two floors, with a bookshelf, table, laptop, and an easel on the first floor. The top floor includes a bed, chairs, and a table. The bedroom with the pink door is larger than the blue room, including chairs, a bed, tables, a laptop, candles, a chandelier, and a small dressing area. Both dorms include a door to a balcony.

The Cafeteria

The cafeteria is located at the entrance inside the school building. It is a cafe-like area with seating, a serving counter and a snack pickup area. Breakfast is served from 6:00 am to 7:00 am every day and lunch from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm every day. Snacks are available all throughout the day, except during breakfast and lunch. The snacks can cost between 3 and 6 diamonds, while the breakfast and lunch include a meal and a drink. They can cost between 8 and 12 diamonds.

In order to claim purchased food, the player must take their meal ticket to a BUTLER-3000, which are the machines near the dining area. To eat, the player must place their food on a vacant table. Players can decide between a fork, spoon, chopsticks, or their hand to eat their meal. Note that once the food is placed on a table, it cannot be picked back up. In addition, any player, not just the player who paid for it, can eat food that has been placed down on a table, as long as they are sat in the seat in front of it. The Cafeteria is the only location with a waste bin, besides the bakery.

The Porcelain Thrones and the Spa

The Porcelain Thrones are public bathrooms and spas which are mainly for role-play purposes. There are 2 different bathrooms; one for princesses and one for princes. Both share the same spa area. The entrance to the Porcelain Thrones is on the second floor. Inside the bathroom area, there are shower rooms, hairbrushes, bunny slippers, makeup brushes, hair dryers, toilets, head and body towels, washing machines, etc. In the main spa area, there are mud baths, a tea station, a bath, masks, chairs, chocolate-covered strawberries, etc.

If players use a hairdryer in the shower, they will be electrocuted. The player will lose their limbs and get a shocked Thomas the Train face. To fix it, players can simply reset their character. Furthermore, if players use a hairbrush from the Porcelain Thrones, they will be able to fix their hair after it becomes messy from sleeping. Players can also wash their hair with conditioner in the showers to fix bed hair.

The Mermaid Grotto

Behind the waterfall at the swimming pool hides a secret mermaid grotto and beds for mermaids and mermen. Diamonds are also hidden around the area. There are three lockers inside the grotto which function the same as normal lockers.


Lockers are found in the main school building, near the swimming pool, and in the mermaid grotto. They allow players to transfer items from their inventory to their locker, or vice versa. If the player has the Paintbrush Gamepass, or if the player purchased paint for their locker, they can paint their locker a different color. There is also an option to change the inside contents and colors of your locker. Books for each respective class, except Swimming and P.E, can be taken from the locker in order to get the additional "Book Check" experience points in class.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is located behind the main school building. This is where the Swimming and P.E classes take place. On the sides on the pool, there are lockers and diving boards with diamonds, along with clam beds. Behind the swimming pool lies the waterfall, which hides the Mermaid Grotto. During Christmas, there is a small igloo underwater in the pool.

Interior of the ballroom. Butlers can be seen walking around.


The ballroom is only open from 8pm until 12 midnight, which is when the Ball takes place. The player can enter shortly before it officially starts but the ballroom will not spawn. The entrance is located in the room behind the English and Computer classrooms. During the ball, a group of Butlers move around the edge of the ballroom and can be interacted with to receive free cocktails, appetizers, and drinks.

Two players can partner up to play a dancing mini-game. The prize for completing each round of this minigame is Diamonds. The maximum dance level is currently Level 8. During the ball, players are asked if they want to compete for Supreme Royalty. Players are given a choice to vote for 2 people each in the Supreme Royalty section. Two winners will be chosen after the voting as Supreme Royalty and the winners receive 500 diamonds and a sash for the time they are in the game. When the clock strikes midnight, everyone inside will be teleported outside the ballroom door.


Attending classes and passing them levels a player up. Bringing the assigned textbook for a subject gives additional experience for leveling up in the class.

Comparing the New Royale High Campus to the Classic Campus, the mini-game for Computer has changed, the P.E. track course has changed, and Music class was removed altogether.


A painting will appear on a large screen in front of the class. Players must copy this painting exactly as shown onto their own canvas. They will be graded by how much of the painting they have finished correctly. If they finish before the given time, they are free to paint on the canvas however they want and still receive an A. Currently, the paintbrush is broken and the only way to receive an A is to bring the paintbrush book.


All players attending the class will be teleported to seats with a flask on them as a sequence of colored flasks will appear on the player's screen. They must replicate the sequence shown from left to right using the set of flasks below the given order. In order for a better grade, a player must finish the combination of potions faster than their peers. If one has not finished the round when everyone else does, they will be dumped into the slime and be unable to continue.


Players select a baking station and follow the steps provided to bake cupcakes. They are graded by how much of the baking process is completed. The cupcake name, flavor, liners, and frosting can be customized. When the player is finished making cupcakes, they can be given to other players or to the player holding the cupcake pan itself.


Players are shown a HUD on the upper part of their screen that generates randomly selected letters that they have to type out within 90 seconds. A count of how many characters typed appears above users' heads and can be seen by other players. The larger the amount typed out, the higher the score. The grading system compares every participant's score to the highest scorer, instead of having a specific range where players must reach a certain score.


English takes place in the Lecture hall, where there will be a large board displaying varying spelling-related questions, alongside four answers. Players must select the correct answer before time runs out. They will be graded by the number of correct answers.


During swimming class, players attending will be teleported to the top of a platform where they must jump over a moving pole. They will be graded depending on how many times they fall into the water. The fewer times one falls, the higher the grade.


Players attending P.E. will be teleported to an obstacle course that appears over the pool. A bell that generates in the Lighthouse must be pressed to indicate that the course is finished. The obstacle course starts with players jumping over a spinning rod, completing a short obby, jumping over beams, and finishes with rings to fly through that lead to the lighthouse. If a player finishes, they receive an A. If people don't finish, they will receive an F, no matter how close they were to finishing.


Day/Night Music on Campus

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