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The Classic Campus for Royale High was released on November 22, 2017, during the game's BETA phase. The campus has one main building where classes take place, with many smaller buildings attached that house the dorms that players could claim and customize. The cafeteria is located underneath the dorms, on the ground floor. On the outside, there is a large American Football field where the Dance would appear at 8 P.M. to 2 A.M. An obstacle course for PE class also appears at a random class time, on the empty green space next to the Football field. 

Classes and Notable Places

Attending classes and passing them grants the player XP, which in turn levels them up. Bringing the assigned textbook for a subject gives additional experience for leveling up in the class.


A painting will appear on a large screen in front of the class that will have to be copied by the players onto their own canvas. They will be graded by how much of the painting they have finished correctly. If they finish before the given time, they are free to either leave or paint on the canvas however they want and still receive an A.


All players attending the class will be teleported to seats with a flask on them as sequence of colored flasks will appear on the player's screen. They must replicate the sequence shown from left to right using the set of flasks below the given order. In order for a better grade, a player must finish the combination of potions faster than their peers. If one takes too long, they will be dumped into the water.


Players select a baking station and follow the steps provided to bake cupcakes. They are graded by how much of the baking process is completed. The cupcakes are customizable in appearance and could be given to other players or to the player holding the cupcake pan itself.


A sentence would appear above the player's screen that they would have to type within thirty seconds. A total of five random phrases will be given. They will be graded by the amount of sentences typed correctly and how fast they are typed. Full stops and punctuation marks are not required to complete the sentence. If all of the players complete the sentence correctly and within the time limit, the new sentence will appear immediately.
These sentences include:
  • Are you going to the dance tonight?
  • If I sleep in, I'm going to be late for class
  • I left my jacket in my dorm room!
  • I attend Royale High at the castle.
  • I am earning jewels for my crown.
  • I am the best in computer class.
  • I already did all of my homework.
  • I ordered a yummy drink at the cafe
  • I enjoy doing homework in the cafe.
  • I saw a mermaid in the school swimming pool
  • I memorized my locker combination!
  • I'm going to my dorm for the night.
  • It's going to be cold later tonight.
  • Let's bake a cake for our friend's birthday!
  • Let's bake cookies tonight!
  • Let's go study in the library and grab a drink.
  • Let's take a midnight swim tonight
  • Meet me in the castle gardens at midnight
  • Mixing potions in chemistry is easy!
  • What realm do you come from?
  • My books are in my locker.
  • My friends and I are in a band
  • My dorm is in the highest tower!
  • My Kingdom is rather far from Royale High
  • My friend is stuck in detention in the dungeon.
  • My journal helps me focus on my studies.
  • We are having a sleepover tonight, and you are invited!
  • We are creating a new friend club.


English Class takes place in the Lecture Hall, where there is a large board displaying varying spelling-related questions, alongside four answers. Players must select the correct answer before time runs out. They will be graded by the number of correct answers.


During Swimming Class, players attending will be teleported to the top of a platform where they must jump over a moving rod. They will be graded depending on how many times they fall into the water. The lesser times one falls, the higher the grade.


Players attending P.E. will be teleported to a newly-generated obstacle course with a big bell at the end to be pressed to indicate that the course is finished. The earlier the player completes the course, the higher the grade they'll receive.


Players are free to play the pianos and drums provided when teleported to music class. However, they won't be graded besides the book check.


Players can purchase snacks and drinks for diamonds at any time of day. It is located near the computer lab where Computer Class takes place and can be reached by taking the main elevator or flying up to the top level. A staircase is also accessible to the left of the cafe, which leads to a zipline connecting the Main Building to the dormitory.
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Players can eat breakfast and lunch at the designated times. There are tables and chairs scattered around the area with lighting fixtures on top. It is not required to place a meal on the table to eat it.


The dorms in the Classic Campus require a key to open, which is given to a player once a room is claimed. Players can choose either the right room or the left room. There is also a small hallway between the two rooms, which has a fireplace, bean bag chairs, a plant, and posters.


Drama Class currently is not a functioning class. However, the classroom is still present alongside a homework turn-in center outside its entrance. It is located in the upstairs area along with the cafe and the sky tower library. Inside, there are beanbag chairs, couches, a director's chair, and a stage with 5 podiums.

Football Field

The Football Field is located at the back of the school, but there is no actual use for it other than for the dance to take place. The field is filled with water at night and by 8:00 P.M., the structure for the Dance is spawned. The dance ends at midnight but is still usable until 2:00 A.M.


This area is located on the second floor beside Computer Class and the Cafe, containing many bookshelves. However, there is no actual use for it. A connected viewing room can be accessed through a ladder behind the library sign. The viewing room has two floors with seats. So far, there is no purpose for the room other than Roleplay.


Players can be teleported to the spa, known as the Student Prep Room in Classic Royale High, at 6:00 P.M. in the day cycle, where they could prepare themselves for the upcoming dance. It serves only for roleplay purposes.


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