Phones were added to the game on August 5, 2019, with the main purpose of giving players the ability to message their ROBLOX friends within Royale High. The phone has other purposes as well, which are included in this article.

Screen Shot 2019-08-05 at 1.23.11 PM

The phone's base 3D model


A phone customized with the paintbrush pass.


The appearance of the phone when it is opened. (Paintbrush pass)

When the phone is opened, there is a list of the player's ROBLOX friends. Above this list is the date and time according to the player's time zone. The player can click on the names of their friends in order to enter a screen in which they can send messages to their friend.

It is possible to add emojis in a player's messages by pressing the buttons surrounding the home button. When a player receives a text, an envelope appears on the phone displayed on the menu bar and its antenna lights up until it is read. There is a glitch with the message system in which after the player reads their friend's message, the envelope does not disappear. This glitch is fixed by closing and reopening the chat with the player's friend. The old teleportation system (in which you had to type out your friend's username) was removed, and you now can only join your friends by clicking on the teleport button next to their name.

Screen Shot 2019-08-05 at 1.21.34 PM

The emoji hotbar


The missions tab.

Players are able to view their missions such as the Fountain of Dreams and the Divinia Tower Wheel and the time remaining until they may be able to do said missions. Needs are also displayed on the phone underneath the missions. The only need as of now is energy, which deteriorates over time and is restored by sleeping in the player's apartment bed. Satisfying the player's needs rewards them with XP.

If a player has the "Paintbrush Pass" gamepass, they can customize the color of their phones rather than the default pink.

As of the New Years 2020, players are given the option to order pizza and drinks by clicking the second icon at the bottom of their phone and calling The Pizza Palace. This option is available in apartments only. (Refer to said page for further information)

The phone's hotbar changed on 31st December, 2019 due to the option of calling Zed and the option to have a phone flashlight was added, the emoji on the hotbar show up when messaging someone.


The updated hotbar for the phones as of 31st December, 2019.


  • The original idea for phones was talked about in September of 2018, around the time Earth came out. The idea was never mentioned until July 2019, in a tweet Barbie posted.
  • In the Fantasia Getaway Resort, there is an item called the "Shell Phone" however, you can not interact with others using this item, and is just used for role playing purposes.
  • When you look at someone else's phone, you can see a decal on their "screen" that has most, if not all of the developer's names.
  • There is a glitch in which when you take out the phone, before the GUI loads on the phone it has a row that says "Sukimeki", one of the game's developers, and it says she is in the apartments. It is unknown why.
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