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A Phone

Phones are an item that was added to Royale High on August 5, 2019. They can be used to text a player's Roblox friends or to view missions, which show the player when the fountain or the wheel is available to use. The phone also shows the date and time according to where the player is in the time zone. Since phones were released in Royale High, instead of your menu options being on the right of your screen, it now is on the bottom. Pressing the heart button automatically makes your character hold a phone, and puts up the phone screen. Phones are now available in all realms. It makes it much easier to teleport to any area of Royale High, so exiting and entering the game is not needed. If a player has the gamepass, the "Paintbrush Pass" they can paint their phone a different color than the original color, pink.


The player is allowed to message their ROBLOX friends on their phones. There are also emoji options on the phone. 
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The New Menu Bar

You can also use your phone to teleport to ROBLOX friends playing Royale High (Even if they are not on Earth) by going to their exact server.
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The Emoji Options


  • The original idea for phones was talked about in September of 2018, around the time Earth came out. The idea was never mentioned until July 2019, in a tweet Barbie posted.
  • In the Fantasia Getaway Resort, there is an item called the "Shell Phone" however, you can not interact with others using this item, and is just used for role playing purposes.
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