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OceanOrbs is a mesh and textures designer for Royale High. She has contributed many models to the game including several hairs and accessories including the Playful Kitty Paws from the Halloween 2019 Event and the Darling Valentina set. OceanOrbs has also contributed models such as the tents on Sunset Island.


If the player meets OceanOrbs in-game, they will receive the "You Met Developer OceanOrbs!" badge that reads:

"Hewwo i am OceanOrbs! I am mostly known in the Royale High Twitter Community for not only creating the Editing Community, but inspiring others to express their own creativity! Don't be shy around me, i appreciate my supporters and is always glad to have a chat with you guys :D ~OceanOrbs is a super talented mesh maker who has made numerous beautiful accessories and skirts for Royale High, along with really fun things like the tents in Sunset Island, sleeping bags & tea cup in the Apartments! She is a super valuable team member and we couldn't imagine RH without her."

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