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Game icon of the 2019 event on Royale High.

The New Years 2019 event was the New Year event held from December 31, 2018, to January 4th, 2019. Players were able to speak with developers, designers, and YouTubers on Earth to complete quests and earn accessories.

Accessory Quests

Ten accessories were distributed at the event by interacting with some of the NPCs or completing quests. Here are the methods that had to be used to obtain these items.


Antilique's Horns

  1. Talk to Antilique.
  2. Agree to help Antilique. (Nothing actually has to be done other than completing the conversation.)

Leah Ashe's Bear Ears

  1. Talk to Leah Ashe and Sanna. Upon the first question click "I'll do my best!" and the quest will start.
  2. The first note is in the wooden cabin, on the wall beside the Christmas tree. Click it to receive the next clue.
  3. The second note is located beside callmehbob in the cheerleading area.
  4. The third and final note is located at the Fountain. Click the note and it will state the ring is on the ground just beneath your feet.
  5. Click the ring.
  6. Give the ring back to Leah Ashe and Sanna.

Lizzy's Crown of Roses

  1. Talk to Lizzy_Winkle.
  2. Lizzy will ask you to find her crown of flowers, Reply yes, and the quest starts.
  3. Retrieve the crown located at the top of the movie theater tower. Click her crown and then give it back to Lizzy.

Bunny Slippers

  1. Talk to Ashley, and upon the first question click the "Yes" option.
  2. Retrieve her bunny on top of the snowman, a few studs left of the Royale High Carriage. Click her bunny, and receive your reward!.

Bahía's Pacifier

  1. Talk to THEREALCYBERNOVA, she'll give you a one-question quiz.
  2. ​​​​​She will ask you what her favorite planet is and answer Jupiter.

Rosie's Rose

  1. Talk to Rosie, and answer the questions with the following answers:
    1. June
    2. Fairy
    3. September 5th. 

2019 Party Hat

  1. Talk to Zaira, and agree to help find her sister, Keisha.
  2. Keisha is in the igloo behind the drive-in. Return Keisha to Zaira.

Anzu's Mindwings

  1. Talk to Anzu_TL.

Celebration Balloon

  1. Talk to k0maki.
  2. K0maki will ask some questions that must be answered correctly. The answers are:
    1. Her first outfit was School Uniform.
    2. Her two favorite colors, answer blue and yellow.

Cristal's Tiara

  1. Talk to Cristal.
  2. There is a prompt to find Cristal's flower. Accept the quest.
  3. Head to the pool beside the mermaid store. The flower is located inside of a clamshell on its shore.

Diamond Quests

Some of the NPCs, primarily of the developers, offer 400 diamonds each as a reward for talking to them.

  • Closet_Skeleton
  • Ironclaw33
  • Sukimeki
  • Ice7
  • callmehbob


Quest Items

Small Details

  • In the wooden cabin, there were cookies (that filled the whole rack) placed on the cookie rack with the names of the NPCs featured in the event.
  • When the countdown at the end of the road, and in front of the Wishing Fountain, went to 5 seconds, audio could be heard of people chanting "Five, four, three, two, one!". After the countdown ended at one, the screen showed "2019". Purple, pink, blue and yellow confetti strings then began to rain from the sky.
  • On two tables near CupCakeBitez and Jennisimmer are two items, Gigantic 2019 Pizza Slice and 2019 Cold&Creamy Celebration Icecream.
  • Next to Sukimeki is a table, with on it is a gigantic cake named 2019 Deliciously Moist Cake with Frosting
  • In the 2019 update, the gate behind the carriage had the label "2019" on top of it. 

Clean Up

Starting January 4th, the decorations came down and cleanup began. The Christmas cabin doors became locked, and the countdown clock was pushed to the side.

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