Moonlight Square is a new realm added on February 26, 2020. It functions as a city square with stores for clothing and events.

It was primarily developed by KelseyAnna, R0ssiie and MissRileyLane, along with additional assistance from Beeism, Reddietheteddy, and Ironclaw33.

To enter the realm, the player needs to go to Earth. On Earth there are some apartments, behind that there is a train station taking the player to Moonlight Square.

Joining the game initially spawns the player into a subway station. Going upstairs leads into the city square.


Clothing stores

Permanent clothing stores are around the square. They are randomly generated per server pulling from Royale High's clothing options in the character customization section.

One large store is reserved to match the holiday or season that the realm is set to.


To the right of "Glitz & Glamour" is a small cafe, with a few two person tables. Clicking on the display will prompt an ordering window with items customized to the current holiday event occurring in the realm.

When no holiday event is present, the cafe appears to default to the options for the Mardi Gras event.


When Moonlight Square is themed for a holiday, at regular intervals when the realm turns to night, a parade with Royale High's developers along with the contractors of the realm runs through the city.

When there is no holiday set for the realm, the parade music and tunnel blockades will occur at night, but no parade actually happens.


Mardi Gras

On release, the realm was used as a Mardi Gras event realm. There were accessory chests available, along with a Mardi Gras store. This lasted until March 17, 2020.

Accessory Chests

Seven accessory chests were available during the event.

Name Location Image
Celebration Bow Tie On high rise building (use elevator) to the right of "Aesthetic Apparel" store
Celebration Bow Tie.png
Feather Bowler Hat Behind unnamed blue and yellow store
Feather Bowler Hat.png
Feather Fabulous Mask Behind store two buildings away from cafe
Feather Fabulous Mask.png
Mardi Gras 2020 Balloon On building to right of store from high bridge
Mardi Gras 2020 Balloon.png
Mask Hoop Earrings Inside seasonal "Party Like It's Mardi" store
Mask Hoop Earrings.png
Party Beads Behind door behind YTshaylo and Keisyo characters in the station
Party Beads.png
Stylish Mask Down in gap on top of store on side of high bridge.
Stylish Mask.png

St. Patrick's

On March 17, 2020, the realm changed to a St. Patrick's theme alongside other realm updates. This was part of the St Patrick's 2020 event. This lasted until April 12, 2020.

A number of chests were hidden in different locations that rewarded diamonds.

Five known chests are located:

  1. In the little cave in the garden in the middle. (500)
  2. Behind "Princess Boutique." (1400)
  3. Behind the plain glass building next to the pink arcs. (700)
  4. Directly behind the spawn, there is one hidden on the train tracks near the left tunnel. (1500)
  5. The tunnel next to the blue and yellow building has a chest on top. (900)


On April 12, 2020, the realm changed to an Easter theme alongside the bunny village activity. This was part of the Easter 2020 event. This lasted until May 5, 2020.

The bunny village was accessible by one of the side tunnels. There are numerous spawn locations in the Easter town that spawn one chocolate bunny at a time. When one bunny is collected, another spawns in another location. These spawn locations, marked by grass "huts", can spawn the bunny inside or right outside the hut. These locations were changed a few times upon release. Collected bunnies could be exchanged in the Easter Shop for Easter accessories.

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