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  • Hi, I've noticed you're the manager assigned to this wiki, kind of surprising that we qualify for that but welcome :)

    Limey and I are the only two active staff members here atm and we usually handle most of our staff discussions on Discord. If acceptable we'd prefer contacting you there via a small DM group? There's a few things about the wiki's current setup we should let you know about that would be easier to address privately. Please reply soon and I can friend-request you there. Thanks

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    • I joined the server and did the !verify, but didn't get any further instructions. I am Moviesign#6611 on Discord.

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    • I wouldn't bother joining the server, it's kind of scary and only loosely associated w/ the wiki (pretty much a partnership). I'll FR you on Discord, DMs will be a bit easier and you don't need to be in the server.

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    • A FANDOM user
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