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This article lists all known music tracks in use or used in Royale High.

Roblox audio links are given for licensed APM Music tracks, and names and/or YouTube links are provided for non-APM tracks. In realms like Beach House, the music there was provided by Monstercat.

Arrival Screen


(used here but not reused for Arrival)

Holiday variations

St. Patrick's 2019:

Easter 2019:

Summer updates:


Holiday variations

Autumn/Halloween 2019:

Divinia Park

Royale High (New)

  • [1] "Playground of the Stars" by Saints Row
  • [2] "Surge" by Noisestorm (used in Chemistry)
  • [3] "Laszlo - Airglow" by House Nation (used in Chemistry)
  • [4] "Gratia Mundi" from Final Fantasy XV (used at the Royale Dance)
  • [5] "Waltz of the Flowers" (used in Ball)
  • [6] "Rosalina's Comet Observatory" (used in Ball)
  • [7] "Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec" from Final Fantasy VIII
  • [8] "Johans Waltz" from Victoria 2

Holiday variations

Christmas maps:

Sunset Island

Christmas realms

Used in the Christmas realm during Christmas 2019, and Earth during Christmas 2018

Royale High (Classic)

  • [8]"Shelter" by Ghibli Orchestra
  • [9]"Easy Lemons" by Kevin MacLeod
  • [10]“If Enveloped in Tenderness” by Kiki’s Delivery Service
  • [11]“Beautiful Dreams” by Celtic Music
  • [12]“Theme of Love” by Final Fantasy
  • [13]“Light” by TCHU
  • [14](An unknown song)
  • [15]"Able sisters" from Animal Crossing (used in art class)
  • [16]“Airglow” by Laszlo (used in chemistry class)
  • [17]“Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor (used in PE class)
  • [18]“Rocky Theme” (used in PE)
  • [19]“Jump“ by Klayplex (used in swimming class)
  • [20]“Supernova” by Laszlo (used in computer class)
  • (used in Baking class)
  • [21]Second Waltz by Shostakovich (used during the school dance)
  • [22]“Rosalina in the Observatory” (used in the school dance)
  • [23]“Howl’s Floating Castle” (school dance)
  • [24]"Live for the Night" by Krewella (dance)
  • [27] "Johans Waltz" from Victoria 2

Diamond Beach

  • [25]"Again" from Your Lie in April, cover by Theishter

Fantasia Resort

Intergalactic trading hub

Some of them are used in the Arrival screen and the others are used in the Intergalactic trading hub.

Beach House

  • Grant - Are We Still Young (feat. Juneau) [Monstercat Release]
  • Dion Timmer - Shiawase [Monstercat Release]
  • DESERT STAR - Carissa [Monstercat Release]
  • Dexter King - Only You (feat. Alexis Donn) [Monstercat Release]
  • Ephixa - Dreamstate [Monstercat Release]
  • Rogue - Let’s Talk [Monstercat Release]
  • Jay Cosmic - Ocean Eyes [Monstercat Release]
  • Duumu - Forward (feat. ÉMIA) [Monstercat Release]
  • Duumu & Paulina Herr - You Say [Monstercat Release]
  • soupandreas - Sprite [Monstercat Release]
  • Tony Romera & SQWAD - St Tropez [Monstercat Release]
  • Noisestorm - Crab Rave [Monstercat Release]
  • WRLD - Hang Up (feat. Savoi) [Monstercat Release]

Royale High City

  • Laura Brehm - Summer Never Ends
  • Snavs - Us
  • Bensley - All Night
  • Tony Romera - Heat Wave
  • Ephixa - Dreamstate
  • Protostar - Galaxies
  • FWLR - Hot
  • Pixel Terror & Aviella - Enigma
  • Noisestorm - Escape
  • Aiobahn feat. Cozi Zuehlsdorff - Medusa
  • Feint feat. Elizaveta - Drifters