Players can level up by obtaining EXP. EXP can be obtained by bringing the correct book to classes, getting good grades in the classes, turning in homework, the fountain, and Sunset Island.

Perks of Leveling Up

When players level up, they get 300 diamonds. Every two levels, players can spin the gem wheel. Every ten levels, players can spin the crown wheel. Player levels are displayed to other players on the crown shelf by the entrance.

If a player reaches the top 100 levels (out of all the Royale High players) their username and level will be displayed on a leaderboard in Divinia. They are able to sit on thrones reserved for them in Divinia.

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The Gem & Crown Wheel

The gem and crown wheel can be spun by players when they level up, or they can be bought with diamonds. They can be accessed by clicking on the player's level shown on the right side of the menu.

The gem wheel provides players gems to decorate their crowns, which they can wear as accessories. The crown wheel provides crowns of various colors.

The design must be saved by pressing the "Save Crown Design!" button on the bottom of the screen after the player makes changes to the crown, or it will not get updated.

There used to be a button next to the "Remove Hats" button called "Hide Crown", but it was removed. Now, players can take the crown off by clicking on it in their Inventory in the "Wearing" section.
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