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LauncelotHandsome is a developer for Royale High, and according to callmehbob, he sometimes makes animations for the game, as well as hiding diamonds around different realms. He has also designed the terrain around a few of the Royale realms, though it has not been disclosed which ones. He is callmehbob's husband.


Upon meeting Launcelot, the player will receive the 'Met Boy Doe!" Badge. The description reads: "You met boy doe. He does anything girl doe asks him to do."

Twitter and Twitch

Launcelot has a Twitter account at where he posts mainly about domestic life and his dogs, as well as announcing when he is streaming. His Twitter account was created in September 2014.

He sometimes streams League of Legends and Terraria on his Twitch channel, at

In-game appearances

Launce has appeared as a NPC in game on some occasions.


  • Launcelot and callmehbob own a white husky named Zed.[1]
  • Barbie has explained Launcelot's role in the Enchantix High School for Fairies and Mermaids! Roblox group, stating that he "makes animations, hides diamonds, designs terrain, and anything in between!"
  • His birthday appears to be on June 26.