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Kateka22 is a writer for Royale High, having written the early fountain stories, and NPC dialogue. She was the developer and creator of Wizard Adventures based on the Harry Potter book series.


If the player meets KateKa22 in game, they will receive the "You met Royale Developer Kateka22" badge that reads:

"You just met Kateka, the Royal-est of writers! She's the text behind the mysterious halo-giving fountain, the one who gives a voice to the handsome butlers, and even behind the door of the grumpy figure's house. She also adds tons of the amazing outfits you see in the game today! She builds her own game and is president of the Wizard Adventures Club. If you spot her flying around RH with her kitty Momo, you might be in one of her YT videos!"


  • Her Twitter handle can be found at @kateka22. She mostly posts information about fountain story contest, though has deactivated the account to take a break from the site after the Valentine's 2021 Fountain Story contest.
  • kateka22 has gotten married to Ev1l. His Twitter handle @ItzEv1l and together they own two cats named Momo & Ryuk along with having a child that is nicknamed Nugget.
    • Nugget was the nickname chosen from some of the nickname suggestions by fans, as to not publicize his actual name.
  • kateka22 has a Youtube channel under the name of KateKa Gaming. She used to post gameplays of either Roblox games, Sims 4, and Undertale, though she has returned to use it to post information about the fountain story contest.
  • kateka22 has an Instagram account under the name of kateka22_.

In-game appearances

Kateka22 has appeared as a NPC in game on some occasions.

  • During the New Years 2019 event, she could be talked to for a reward of 400 diamonds.
  • She appears in the seats during the runway section of the pageant at Sunset Island.
  • She was present during the New Years 2021 event, but could not be interacted with.
  • During the New Years 2022 event, she could be talked to.