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ixchoco_ is an artist and graphics designer for Royale High. Her most notable contributions to the game are some of the thumbnails, badge icons, and collaboration with ReddieTheTeddy on the Royale Rebel set and Mon Chéri Tea Party set.


If a player meets ixchoco_ in game, they will receive the "You Met Royale Graphic Designer ixchoco_!" badge that reads:

"ZOMG ITS CHOCO! *deep bow to our queen* She is insanely talented, SO ridiculously sweet, so easy to talk to, we do not deserb her on this planet, much less gracing us with her beautiful creations on every inch of the game. You see a beautiful picture that makes you faint??? PROBABLY MADE BY HER! She knows everything sparkly, cute, nostalgic, inclusive, and beautiful like the back of her hand. We don't know what we'd do without her! (some examples include the main interface and basically all of the images in the new school) "

In-game appearances

Ixchoco has appeared as a NPC in game on some occasions.