4th of July Divinia

The Independence Day 2019 Event took place on July 4, 2019. Alongside a new pose being implemented, the Salute, Divinia had an aesthetic change to match the event and opened its gates for the first time, including an update on the space behind it.

Divinia Updates

4thofJuly Fountain

The fountain during the Independace Day 2019 event

Divinia's theme colors changed to red, white, and blue, to match America's flag and the sky was set to night. The diamonds' models were replaced by stars exclusively in Divinia. The gate opened for the first time, which caused the change in dialogue of Leon and the guard.

  • "Finally, the gates are open! I am free just like our sister countries, America and Canada!" - Leon
  • "Sometimes I wonder how this city can completely change overnight... is someone controlling Divinia and me along with it?" - The guard

The area outside the gate was updated and increased in size. A pathway decorated with star-shaped lights lead to fireworks which players can light. In the fireworks field, the firework rockets are decorated either red, white, or blue with various patterns. When the fireworks are lit, the rocket shoots into the sky with a red, white, or blue sparkly trail and it explodes into a red, white, or blue swirl pattern. There are star-shaped lights scattered around the field and some umbrellas with chairs set up to watch the fireworks.

Royale High Wiki 4th July

An overview of Divinia during the Independance Day 2019 event. The fireworks field is on the left, and the main part of Divinia is on the right.

There is a sign telling players to ride on any of the 3 fireworks beside it, the message says "Hop on! I promise it's not dangerous... ;)". When the fireworks are rode on, they will suddenly disappear midway, causing players to fall. However, players are then teleported back to where the fireworks are located and they can see a text. The text says "OMG close one!! i caught you tho phew".

4thofJuly Outside Divinia

Outside Divinia gates


The Captain's Hat and Cowboy Hat were released during the event, the cowboy hat originally only had a circle in the middle. Callmehbob then updated the hat a day later for it to be repalced with a star. Each player received a free American flag and Canadian flag as an accessory when they joined the game. Upon arrival, players have a sparkler in their inventory that has red, white, and blue sparks and the light that it emits slowly changes from red, to white, to blue.

Accessory Price (Diamonds) Image
American Flag Free
American Flag
Canadian Flag Free
Canadian Flag
Captain's Hat 4,000
Captain's Hat
Cowboy Hat 5,000
Cowboy Hat
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