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In Loving Memory of Lizzy Winkle

In Loving Memory of Lizzy_Winkle is a separate realm created by callmehbob

It can be accessed by going to Earth and walking in to a near by tree by the carriage . You can also access it by searching for it on Roblox. 

Beside the carriage, there is a tree. On the tree are the words:

In Loving Memory


Lizzy Winkle 

There are a few flowers, a vase containing more flowers, and candles surrounding the gravestone. 

If the player moves closer to the gravestone, the player will automatically teleport to this realm. You cannot access this realm with the Teleportation Scepter. 

If confused about the whereabouts of the tree, 'left or right', the 'Earth' icon on the map of the realms shows a pink, purple, and somewhat aqua/green tree to the left. 

Spawn Point

The player spawns in front of the map. Behind the player are 2 lampposts and a large plaque that says:

Here we honor Lizzy_Winkle, who touched numerous lives within the Roblox Community with her kind heart and wonderful creations. She was an angel with a positive spirit and although her wings were adored by many, no one imagined she would fly to heaven so early. Lizzy was also a fighter, in every sense of the word, as she battled Leukemia for 20 months with strength beyond compare. In the most challenging of times, Lizzy pushed through by believing in the beauty of her dreams and working hard towards a bright future. No matter what life may bring, remember Lizzy_Winkle's legacy and how even when things feel their darkest, your wings can take you anywhere you want to go. #FlyHighLizzy Oct 17, 2004 - Nov 29, 2019

The smaller plaque beside says:

Please help fight childhood cancer by donating to your favorite cancer research charity online. The RH developers are currently supporting St. Jude Research Hospital. Every dollar makes an impact!

The spawn point

Flower Fields

To the left and right of the spawn point are 2 flower fields. The player can choose to plant a flower for her and write a short message.

Flower field on the right

Center of the realm

There is a small set of stairs that lead up to the elevated ground in the center of the realm. The small piece of ground branches out into two transparent pathways with water underneath. In the center there are several pedestals, 4 of which have a set of wings on it.


There are 2 spiral staircases leading up towards the stage. The stage has a large rectangular fountain with steps. Beside the fountain are two lampposts inside vases filled with lilies. There are candles arranged around the stage. Inside the fountain is a big statue of Lizzy_Winkle.



At the back of the island, there is a neon rainbow, held up by two small islands with waterfalls. If the player flies up to the island on the left, there are some colorful trees, a tire swing, two egg seats with candles, and a waterfall. If the player flies to the island on the right, there are a few trees and a white bench, with a small stream.

Flower field on the left


From the top of the stage, there is a path on the left side of the fountain. It leads to a cave filled with drawings and statues of Lizzy_Winkle wearing some of the wings that she had made.

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