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Ice7 is a scripter for Royale High who began working in May 2018. He has scripted the new Inventory design, Outfit Transformations and trading. He also tends to fix bugs and glitches within the game.


If the player meets Ice7 in-game, they will receive the badge "You Met the Scripter, Ice7!"

The description of the badge states; "Ice7 is a totes awesome scripter dude! He made the whole inventory system! He is also working on mobile phones to text your friends on and access numerous features. Remember when you would sink to the bottom of the pool like a rock, if you had a giant skirt on or mermaid tail? No longer! He put invisible swimming inflatables on your character so you can swim gracefully forever more! See what I meant about a cool dude? You are lucky to meet him!"


Ice7 owns the twitter account where he posts about scripting Royale High. His name is revealed to be 'David Ndalamba' and posts many selfies of himself reacting to his Royale High scripting journey. His account was created in June 2009.

In-game appearances

Ironclaw33 has appeared as a NPC in game on some occasions.


  • Ice7 also has an Instagram account at though is rather inactive.
  • He is the CEO and Founder of Starline Media, a digital agency located in Toronto.
  • He is working on a new Roblox game called Pandamonium
  • He has a Twitch Account where he streams himself coding and playing the piano.