Royale High swimming and PE cheat

callmehbob fixed the one where you could just fly, but did you know there is another way?

Although callmehbob has yet to fix the fly hack in the old campus, which you can just fly there, you can use these hacks in the new campus instead.


Bandicam 2020-08-09 11-43-44-167

Did you notice the lifeguard seat in the new campus? Before you get teleported to the circular thingies, just sit on the lifeguard chair. However, since there is only one lifeguard seat, only on person who goes to swimming can use this hack.


Bandicam 2020-08-09 11-44-05-392

In the new campus, there is this sky blue bench near the area where you get teleported for PE, before PE class starts. Simply sit down, then climb up the diving board and jump to one of those circular stand things. You can very quickly reach the lighthouse with this method, just be careful not to fall.

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