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The Halloween Event in 2020 began on October 3, 2020.

Autumn Town returned from the 2019 Halloween event, with a modified maze and chest rewards. A new set released, and some items were reworked.


New items and item reworks were released.

Candy Bag

The Cauldron Candy Bag 2020 was given to players for free for joining the game during the event.


The following Halloween accessories from previous years were reworked with the update:

The Shadow Empress Chained Boots also gained a toggle function with the update.

Royale Rebel Set

A new set also exclusive to the month of October, Royale Rebel, released with the update. It was created by ixchoco and ReddieTheTeddy.

Name Price (Diamonds) Image
Royale Rebel Spiked Veil 15,000
Royale Rebel Spiked Veil.png
Royale Rebel Sheer Laced Gloves & Sleeves 20,000
Royale Rebel Sheer Laced Gloves & Sleeves.png
Royale Rebel Locket Pendant Bodice 20,000
Royale Rebel Locket Pendant Bodice.png
Royale Rebel Bustle Skirt 28,000
Royale Rebel Bustle Skirt.png
Royale Rebel Laced Boots 30,000
Royale Rebel Laced Boots.png

Candy Store

Items from the 2018 Halloween event returned once again for Candy, along with the Magical Broomstick.

Autumn Town

Autumn Town returned from 2019 with minor changes. Chests were added in the map that rewarded some of the homestore candy hunt items from the 2019 Halloween event. Opening any accessory chest also encourages the player to support the designer of the clothing store the accessory came from in 2019.


This table does NOT include chests that are inside the maze.
This may not have all the accessories available - this is still a work in progress.

Name Location Image
Bat Earrings Behind pumpkins on island in the middle of road fork circle on road to houses on beach
Bat Earrings.png
Bat Tophat Top of short tunnel bridge to houses on beach
Bat Tophat.png
Candy Explosion!!! Behind bushes next to red house on top of hill near maze
Candy Explosion!!!.png
Cute Kitty Ears Behind rock formation after short tunnel bridge to houses on beach
Cute Kitty Ears.png
Dragon Staff Next to giant tree behind the red house next to road incline (hill) leading to the maze
Dragon Staff.PNG
My Dolly Under bridge across street from pink house on edge of row of houses directly across from the spawn & tent area
My Dolly.png
Nomnom Chocolate Bar Next to the "Welcome to Autumn Town" arch
Nomnom Chocolate Bar.png
Spider's Masterpiece Purse On the front porch of purple house on beach
Spider's Masterpiece Purse.png
Supernatural Hoop Earrings On a side of the pumpkin patch
Supernatural Hoop Earrings.png
Witch's Little Pet Staff In grass near large rock before houses on beach area after short tunnel bridge to houses on beach
Witch's Little Pet Staff.PNG


A new maze was released for the update, replacing the maze of the prior year.

The layout is nearly the same as Halloween 2019's maze, with some changes. Decorations were added in the maze. A lever toggle mechanic was introduced, requiring two levers are found elsewhere in the maze and toggled before the finish area can be reached. The levers are both on the bottom level.

Chests are in random places in the maze, that reward 500 diamonds or the following accessories:

Finishing the maze rewards the Nightmare Witch Hat (also an accessory from the 2019 event), 5,000 diamonds, and the "Beat Extremely Hard Maze RH 2020!" badge.