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The Halloween Event in 2019 was an event that updated over the month of October. It included another partnership with the Designer Boutique to receive rewards, a wings design contest, and updates to or additions of realms.

Candy Hunt Rewards


Completing store candy hunts rewarded diamonds and sometimes accessories in Royale High. The "Halloween 2019 Designer Event Completionist!!" badge was awarded to those who completed all the candy hunts in the homestores.

Accessory Rewards

Store Name Badge Reward Image
Arctxic's Homestore Hallow19-arctxic Nomnom Chocolate Bar
Nomnom Chocolate Bar Accessory
AngelicMou's Homestore Hallow19-angelicmou Abnormally Large and Very Pokey Fork
Abnormally Large and Very Pokey Fork Accessory
Antilique's Haunted House Hallow19-antilique My Dolly
Bazaar Boutique Hallow19-bazaar Spider Friend
Spider Friend Accessory
COLDSOUL Hallow19-coldsoul Sparkling Body Chain
Flatline Homestore Hallow19-flatline Candy Explosion!!!
Candy Explosion Accessory
FL!P V2 Hallow19-flip Witch's Little Pet Staff
Witch's Little Pet Staff Accessory
Haunted Mansion - Designer Halloween Clothing Hallow19-hauntedmansion Spider's Masterpiece Purse
Spider's Masterpiece Purse Accessory
H&M Homestore Hallow19-hmstore Jack-o-Lantern Boppers
KelseyAnna's Homestore Hallow19-kelseyanna Vampire's Heir
Vampire's Heir Accessory
Kittzilla's Homestore Hallow19-kittzilla Kitty Buns
Kitty Buns Accessory
K0maki’s Haunted Palace Home Store Hallow19-k0maki Studded Rose Garters
Studded Rose Garters Accessory
Lykrai's Homestore Hallow19-lykrai Pretty Kitty Tail
Pretty Kitty Tail Accessory
MahaIo's Homestore Hallow19-mahaio Kawaii Demon Horns
Kawaii Demon Horns Accessory
Miki's Clothing V3 Hallow19-miki Bat Earrings
Miss Homestore Hallow19-miss Classic Ghost Costume
Classic Ghost Costume Accessory
missmudmaam Homestore Hallow19-missmudmaam Spinning Web Boppers
MissShu's Homestore Hallow19-missshu Skull Crown
Skull Crown Accessory
Nutest's Nightmare Circus Hallow19-nutest Ruffle Collar
Pridest Homestore Hallow19-pridest Graveyard Lurker Collar
Scream Queens Home Store Hallow19-screamqueens Supernatural Hoop Earrings
Sensei Homestore V2 Hallow19-sensei Bat Tophat
Siskella's Homestore Hallow19-siskella Cute Kitty Ears
Sparklings' Maze Hallow19-sparklings Sparkling Crow Crown
Sylenia's Homestore Hallow19-sylenia Glowing Pumpkin Wand
Glowing Pumpkin Wand Accessory
Wish's Homestore Hallow19-wish Kawaii Reaper
Kawaii Reaper Accessory

Other accessories

These accessories were rewarded by stores that were disqualified from the event and designer featuring program. They are now available from chests that can be found around Earth.

Accessory Location Image
Nightmare Witch Hat Inside the fountain Nightmare Witch Hat Accessory
Dragon Staff Under the walkways of the Realm Transportation building Hallow19-dragonstaff
Playful Kitty Paws In the large tree in the hills beyond the fountain


Diamond Rewards

Store Name Badge Reward
ALAMORT Homestore Hallow19-alamort 800 Diamonds
AngelicMou's Homestore Hallow19-angelicmou 250 Diamonds
Arctxic's Homestore Hallow19-arctxic 250 Diamonds
Avaeta's Homestore Hallow19-avaeta 650 Diamonds
Antilique's Haunted House Hallow19-antilique 250 Diamonds
Bazaar Boutique Hallow19-Bazaar 250 Diamonds
COLDSOUL Hallow19-coldsoul 250 Diamonds
cSapphire's Clothing Store Hallow19-csapphire 650 Diamonds
DopeSir's Homestore Hallow19-dopesir 1300 Diamonds
Dreamstore (KIOUHEI) Hallow19-kiouhei 1000 Diamonds
Flatline Homestore Hallow19-flatline 250 Diamonds
FL!P V2 Hallow19-flip 250 Diamonds
Ghouls Homestore Hallow19-ghouls 1300 Diamonds
GirleMango's Homestore Hallow19-girlemango 650 Diamonds
Haunted Mansion - Designer Halloween Clothing Hallow19-hauntedmansion 250 Diamonds
Honey-Milk BOUTIQUE Hallow19-honeymilk 500 Diamonds
H&M Homestore Hallow19-hmstore 250 Diamonds
Japonesque & Zelante Homestore Hallow19-zelante 1000 Diamonds
JinxyJill's Homestore Hallow19-jinxyjill 1400 Diamonds
KelseyAnna's Homestore Hallow19-kelseyanna 250 Diamonds
Kittzilla's Homestore Hallow19-kittzilla 250 Diamonds
K0maki’s Haunted Palace Home Store Hallow19-k0maki 250 Diamonds
Lykrai's Homestore Hallow19-lykrai 250 Diamonds
MahaIo's Homestore Hallow19-mahaio 250 Diamonds
Marliina's Clothing Hallow19-marliina 850 Diamonds
Miki's Clothing V3 Hallow19-miki 250 Diamonds
Miss Homestore Hallow19-miss 250 Diamonds
missmudmaam Homestore Hallow19-missmudmaam 250 Diamonds
MissShu's Homestore Hallow19-missshu 250 Diamonds
mrmudman Homestore Hallow19-mrmudman 1300 Diamonds
Nutest's Nightmare Circus Hallow19-nutest 250 Diamonds
Okayish Designs Homestore Hallow19-okayish 1300 Diamonds
Pridest Homestore Hallow19-pridest 250 Diamonds
ROCK$TAR Homestore Hallow19-rockstar 2200 Diamonds
Scream Queens Home Store Hallow19-screamqueens 250 Diamonds
Sensei Homestore V2 Hallow19-sensei 250 Diamonds
Simplys Apparel Hallow19-simplys 1300 Diamonds
Siskella's Homestore Hallow19-siskella 250 Diamonds
Slinkizy's Closet Hallow19-slinkizy 1300 Diamonds
Sparklings' Maze Hallow19-sparklings 250 Diamonds
Sylenia's Homestore Hallow19-sylenia 250 Diamonds
vond Homestore Hallow19-vond 1300 Diamonds
Wish's Homestore Hallow19-wish 250 Diamonds
Zeppah's Homestore Hallow19-zeppah 1000 Diamonds

Video Location Guides

Some video guides to candy locations in stores participating in the event:

Wings Contest

The event hosted a wings design contest similar to the St. Patrick's 2019 event contest. The deadline for the contest was originally September 25th, but cut to September 17th after high submissions. Callmehbob opened a form on September 28th through September 30th to vote for the final submissions, with 25 finalists pending to be announced.

On October 3rd, the winners were announced, with 28 finalists chosen, and the wings were available in-game.

Wing Price (Diamonds) Artist Image
Pumpkin Spice Scented Candle 500 iIfoOdMii
Pearls of the Moon 500 Oracle_moonlight
Unbenanntghghfgfghghghghhhh (1)
Sweet Sugar Skulls 600 DeviBvns
Kawaii Spookyeye 750 StarryMochi
The Ace 750 linaslifeintotal
Unbenanntghdffdfdghghghghghhhh (2)
Ivy Pumpkins 800 Rorloco
Spirit of Halloween 1,200 pepe_desu
Unbenanntghghghghghghhhh (2)
Bewitched Chonker 1,500 OceanOrbs
Sparkly Soul-Snatcher 1,800 AxstheticApple
Unbenanntghghghghghghhhh (8)
The Unfortunate 1,800 Pheonix_GirlGamer
Moonlight's Magic 2,250 Katiethenerdygamer
ArachnoCutie 2,500 Aybiez
Unbenanntghgdfdfdfdhghghghghhhh (3)
Night of the Full Moon 2,500 krostyv
Unbenanntghghghghghghhhh (3)
Vampire's Graveyard 2,500 TokyoDollie
Unbenanntghghghghghghhhh (6)
Starry Eyed Felines 2,500 TuTuKittyPants
ALIEN INVASION!!! 2,500 foxxeymits
Dragon Teeth 3,000 TokyoDollie
Love Beyond the Grave 3,500 EmmieDearest
Unbenanntghghghghghghhhh (4)
Black Widow Whisper 4,000 KIMMADA
Love Bat Charms 4,000 MilkShqake
Unbenanntghghghghghghhhh (9)
Curiosity of Vipers 4,500 Sheena_SV
Autumn Glow 5,000 Lizzy_Winkle
Soul Scavenger 6,000 caiiirbx
Unbenanntghghghghghghhhh (1)
Wild Roses 6,500 Lizzy_Winkle
Vampire's Bride 7,000 it_Bells
Unbenanntghghghghghghhhh (7)
Dragon's Blaze 8,000 Foxxique
Fallen Love Fairy 8,500 Vex_SV
Unbenanntghghghghghghhhh (5)
Soul Keeper 12,000 Starstruck243

Autumn Town

Royale High Halloween 2019

On October 20th, Autumn Town returned for the event, along with the candy currency. Halloween 2018 accessories returned in the accessory shop under candy values. Visiting Autumn Town during the event rewarded the "Royale High Halloween 2019!" badge.

Upon joining for the first time, players were prompted to choose a candy bag accessory. The two candy bags from the Halloween 2018 event could be chosen, or two new ones, the Ghost and Designer candy bags.

The spawn area contains a food stand and apple-bobbing, which has a chance to reward 10 candies. Players could spawn a car for themselves to quickly navigate around the map using the roads.

Candy could be obtained by trick-or-treating at the houses around the map. There is a small chance for the house to kill the player instead.

Completed Super Hard Maze 2019

A "Super Hard Maze" was also available. The maze is a long two-level maze that contains chests with various amounts of diamonds. Regular placed chests rewarded 500 diamonds, while chests behind fake walls rewarded 1250 diamonds. Completing the maze rewarded the "Completed Super Hard Maze 2019" badge and 3000 diamonds.

Sunset Island Witch Minigame

Sunsetisland witch

The witch from the cutscene.

On October 6th, Sunset Island was updated for the event. Halloween decorations were added, along with a minigame that has a chance to occur during intermission after the Royale Universe Pageant.

The island will either be frozen over or set entirely on fire.

Frozen event cutscene text:

A chilling breeze fills the air through the night. You look around and notice Sunset Island has been frozen over with ice - what in callmehbob's name could have happened here?
The miasma around you begins to feel dark and you see a witch appear in the sky. Her wicked cackling echoes as she casts an ice spell on the island! She then shrieks at you, "I'm coming for your SOUL next!"

Fire event cutscene text:

You drift into a deep sleep during the night, but wake up gasping for breath. The air has become smoky from fires blazing in the distance! What terrible being could have cursed the island like this?
Suddenly, you notice a cloud of smoke surrounds you as a wicked witch flies around on her broom, setting the island on fire with her cursed spells! You scream in terror and try to outrun the blaze!


A random player is selected as the Witch. The witch's role is to curse (kill) all the other players within three minutes (the timeframe of intermission). They are given flying ability (a broom) and a ranged attack. For every player they kill, they receive 125 Diamonds.

Players that survive intermission will be granted 250 Diamonds and 100 XP. If they are killed, they will not receive any reward.



The full Shadow Empress set

  • The Bat-Mo Heels came back on sale on September 30th.
  • The previous Halloween wings also came back on-sale for the event.
  • A new set of Halloween-themed accessories, skirt, and heels, Shadow Empress, was added to the game on October 9th.
  • A new Halloween-themed halo, the "Halloween Halo 2019", was introduced on October 12th, along with a functionality rework for the fountain.
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