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A hairstyle on a player.

Hairstyles are a form of character customization in Royale High. All hairstyles are available to players and are separated between Feminine Styles and Masculine, along with additive Bangs (added on November 8, 2019) that go on the front of the head. The hairstyle section also includes certain full head coverings that are intended to be used without hair visible, such as a hijab.

Hovering over most of the available hairstyles or bangs will show the creators of the hair model.

During various updates, some older hair styles have been removed. The exact reasons have never been specified by the developers, though it has been speculated that it is likely due to the hair styles being converted 3D mesh data ripped from other games, platforms, or projects (such as The Sims 4 Custom Content), originally due to the hairstyles being added from Roblox's model & mesh libraries where other players on Roblox have imported these hairstyle meshes unlawfully into Roblox. However, some of these stolen hairstyles specifically get reworked by one of Royale High's 3D modelers into an original mesh.


The free hair color options

Hairstyles are part of the dress up menu and can be browsed freely by players. Many of the sections can also be sorted by elements of the hairstyle.

The player can change the color of their hair by free options or the “More Colors!” options from the “120+ New Hair Colors + GLOWING Hair Pass!” gamepass. The “120+ New Hair Colors + GLOWING Hair Pass!” gamepasss, which costs 50 Robux, gives players more hair colors to choose from, which can be accessed through the “More Colors!” section. Around June 17th, 2019, players with the gamepass were able to access some glowing hair options. In a future update, many more hair colors were given a glowing variant. The glowing hair button on the bottom right of compatible hair colors applies the glowing variant of that hair color. Most hair colors from the gamepass have the glowing hair option, though not all.

Originally, hair colors added were created by the developers or imported from online. However, later on, opportunities to submit hair colors were regularly provided by the developers; Kittzilla manages hair color forms.

Starting from May 28th, 2020, certain hairstyles had special accessories that can only be worn on that specific hairstyle. These can be recolored and have patterns applied to them, much like regular accessories.

List of hairstyles

A list of hairstyles, both current and removed, can be viewed at Hairstyles/List.