The game passes in Royale High are meant to offer bonus features or boosts for the player. You can buy the game passes on the game page or in the in-game shop.


The game pass page in the in-game shop

The icons for the game passes were drawn by EvilArtist[1].

Diamond Multipliers

The diamond multipliers are game passes that increase the amount of diamonds earned from leveling up and collected by diamond objects in the campuses and Divinia. Owning both game passes combines into a 6x multiplier, for a total of 1,800 diamonds per level up.



Game Page Description: This pass helps you earn diamonds faster! Get DOUBLE the diamonds you'd normally get every time you level up & collect diamonds! *Get 6x more diamonds if you own both the 2x and 4x passes!*

This game pass costs R$749. It multiplies diamond gains by 2. Leveling up will reward 600 diamonds instead of 300.



Game Page Description: Get quadruple (4x) the diamonds every time you level up & collect diamonds! This pass maximizes your diamond earning potential! *Get 6x more diamonds if you own both the 2x and 4x passes!*

This game pass costs R$1649. It multiplies diamond gains by 4. Leveling up will reward 1,200 diamonds instead of 300.

It is currently the most expensive game pass available.

Character Customization

These are game passes that affect coloring options in character customization.

Special Fabric Designs


Game Page Description: While 24 skirts/heels designs are completely free, you can unlock 500+ more fabric designs with this pass! Fabrics range from velvety textures, animal prints, pretty plaids, space and ocean scenery, pizza, and many others! I will add to more designs to pass all the time, just like I do with the hair colors💖

In-Game Shop Description: Get access to 500+ special fabrics and textures to design & decorate your accessories, skirts, and shoes with! We are always adding more patterns!

This game pass costs R$50. It opens up more fabric design options to use on skirts, shoes, and accessories that support it.

Players who bought the game pass before trading was implemented got the Midnight Mademoiselle skirt.

There are 24 free sparkle designs that the player can use regardless if they own this gamepass.


Where the designs are located.

120+ New Hair Colors + GLOWING Hair Pass


Game Page Description: *If you purchased inside the game, log out and log back in to activate! :D * I consistently add new fun color combinations to this pass :3 14 NEW COLORS have been added! They are "Extreme Colors" because of the color intensity. Some featured are "Extreme Cotton Candy" a much brighter Pink and Blue combo, "Strawberry Kiwi" is a very pretty neon pink and green, along with 12 other bright two-toned shades found on the newest page (3rd page!) Recolor your hair with 31+ new colors, including multi-colors! Color combinations include pink + blue, orange + red, pink + orange, black + red, purple + green, and a ton more combinations! One-toned colors include brighter reds, blues, pinks, greens and purples in many different shades, with more tones of blonde and brown. In-Game Shop Description: Rainbow shades, Ombres, & Highlights, oh my! Express your mood through your hair color with glowing hair & 120+ special colors!

This game pass costs R$50. It offers a larger selection of hair color options to the player that can be accessed with the "More Colors" button. It also grants players the option of certain glowing hair colors that were implemented in June 2019.


Faster Flight! (+ Custom Speeds)


Game Page Description: Customize your flight speed, from slow to very fast. Get around campus with the fastest wings! Unlocks a meter which you can use to freely adjust your flight speed.

In-Game Shop Description: Fly up to more than 6.7x faster the normal flying speed! This pass unlocks a meter which you can use to freely adjust your flight pace ranging from 45 to 299!

This game pass costs R$249. It permits a player to customize their flight speed between 45 (default) and 299.

In the early days of Diamond Beach, the GUI was shown to everyone even if they didn't own the game pass. However, it didn't change the flight speeds unless the player actually owned the game pass. This was fixed a week later.

Paintbrush Pass!


Game Page Description: The Paintbrush Pass unlocks many different features including.. 💙Changing your cellphone case and keyboard colors! ❤️Paint your Roleplay Name & Heart Indicator when you type! 💛Make a colorful unique profile! 💚Paint your locker for free as many times as you want!

This game pass costs R$300. It allows the player to customize their name, choose the colors of their Profile, and paint their locker as many times as they like in the schools.

There is much more variety of options when it comes to roleplay names as you can customize it using colors, fonts, and effects (gradient and outline). Color 1 is used as the base color and color 2 is used for the effects. Additionally, the colors the player chooses is also the color for their phone and typing bubble as well. Lastly, there is an option that automatically matches the player's name colors with their own outfit colors.

Before, the player could not customize their locker with or without the pass, as this was removed due to a bug involving trading. This feature has been fixed as of December 19th, 2019.

🔮Crystal Ball Power🔮


Game Page Description: NOT FOR MOBILE/IPAD/XBOX. Look into your Crystal Ball🔮 and see ANYWHERE on campus without actually being there! Specially created with Photo Editors in mind, this pass gives you a free camera/vision to capture impossible angles you couldn't reach before. INSTRUCTIONS: Do Shift+P to activate/exit. Use WASD to move the cam. Hold Shift+W to slow down for accuracy. Have fun!

This game pass costs R$300. It allows the player to unlock their camera to set a custom position, optimal for taking pictures or for video production. It only works on computers, as the controls are not set for other platforms at this time.

It also grants the owner a crystal ball accessory.

Sticker Packs Pass!

Sticker Packs Pass!

Game Page Description: 18 themed Sticker Packs with 176 different fun stickers (and growing) to decorate your Profile Journal with!

This game pass costs R$50. It gives the player access to different sticker packs and can use up to 450 stickers to decorate the player's Journal.


Fly on Earth!

Game Page Description: Only the most powerful of creatures do not let a silly blue and green planet hinder their flight abilities! You might even be able to reach the Princess Tower..

The Fly on Earth game pass cost R$80. It enabled the player to fly around the old Earth Lobby and Divinia, before the ability to fly there was enabled for all players during the 2019 St. Patrick's Update. It came back for a short time when Earth returned in August 2019.

Its removal was due to it being outdated with the nature of Divinia[2] and later for the whole game, and any person who had owned it received 2000 Diamonds and the Magical Broomstick accessory beginning on October 13th, 2019. The functionality of the pass is now enabled for all players.


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