Additional furniture bought with diamonds is available for dorms. The shop can be found in the menu on the top of the player's screen.


Item Name Price Image Remark
Modern Bed Free
RobloxScreenShot20190419 181126201
Royal Bed 3,000
RobloxScreenShot20190419 181132481
Day Bed 4,000
RobloxScreenShot20190419 181138340
Canopy Bed 5,000
RobloxScreenShot20190419 181146318
Lovely Bunk Beds 6,000
RobloxScreenShot20190419 181154819
Princess Heart Canopy Bed 6,500
RobloxScreenShot20190419 181201403
Grand Balcony Bed 12,000
RobloxScreenShot20190419 181208921


Item Name Price Image Remark
Vanity 4,000
RobloxScreenShot20190419 181249898
Ice Glam Vanity 25,000
RobloxScreenShot20190419 181300148
This item is still available in the shop despite it being a seasonal item for winter.


Item Name Price Image Remark
Piano 4,000
RobloxScreenShot20190419 181310744
Bookshelf 1,250
RobloxScreenShot20190419 181321479
Heart Music Player Radio 6,250
RobloxScreenShot20190419 181334283
The Heart Music Player Radio allows players to listen to any music in the Roblox catalogue. Players must type in a song id to play music.
TV with seats 3,000
RobloxScreenShot20190420 121553720
This furniture piece is free in the new Royale High but needs to be bought in the Classic Campus. Pressing the red button will result in a series of vibrant colors.
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