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Fantasia Getaway Resort is a hotel game created by callmehbob as a side area game for the Royale High universe. The game allows players to roleplay and check-in to a luxury resort hotel on a tropical island.


Players can go to the Check-In desk and ring the bell. A list of the available rooms are available. To purchase a suite, the player clicks on one of the available rooms, which you can purchase for 45 Diamonds. You can always press check out to get a new room, however your diamonds will not be refunded after you get a new room.


Players are allowed to act as staff for roleplay purposes. There are no staff teams anymore, as the development team removed them in an update.

  • Hotel Manager
  • Security
  • Housekeeping
  • Receptionists
  • Room Service


Rooms (also known as Suites) are on every floor, and in every hallway, there is a black carpet which acts as a conveyor for easy and quick transport. There are two types of rooms/suites, Garden and Normal. To open the front door, the player needs to use their hotel keycard. Each suite is two stories, and are very spacious.

Each room has the following features:

  • A clam-shaped bed in the bedroom on the second floor.
  • A thermostat to set the temperature in the room.
  • A tea set, a water kettle, a candy stand and complimentary drinks in the kitchen.
  • Two canopy beds and nightstands in the main area.
  • A large screen window plus a balcony and beach chairs
  • A sitting area, TV and color-changing lights
  • Bathtub, closet, shower and mood button in the spacious bathing room.
  • A balcony that overlooks the water in front of the building, or hotel lobby depending on where your hotel apartment is.
  • A fireplace for relaxation and roleplay.

Hotel Features

Fantasia Hotel has numerous features, including a garden, salon, restaurant, water slide, and pool.


  • Players can break into other people's rooms without a key card by using Shift Lock to look through the wall and use the mouse to click the unlock button inside the room. This also works in other Royale High realms such as Enchantix High.
  • It has been confirmed that Fantasia will be getting a rework in a tweet.
  • Fantasia Getaway Resort is one of the oldest Realms in Royale High, and you could see because most of the places in Fantasia Resort have older models.
  • You cannot fly in Fantasia Getaway Resort, just like on Sunset Island and the Intergalactic Trading Hub