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The Enchantix Campus.

Enchantix High School for Fairies and Mermaids, or simply known as Enchantix High, is the first of the Magical High campuses created under the Royale High Umbrella. The first official version was uploaded 4/10/2017. The game is themed to Alfea College for Fairies from the television series Winx Club.

Enchantix is the prototype school for Royale High, as it holds many of the same core features like mini-games for classes and shared dormitories with friends. The wings were carried over to the newer campuses, and the few skirts and heels at the time were also. The customization systems have been completely redone since then, and many of the minigames disregarded, with a few exceptions.

Campus and Locations

The campus is relatively small in comparison to the Royale High campuses. There are 12 Dorm rooms themed to different Fairy types that the player can choose from. Choosing a dorm, makes your player that fairy type in the Roleplay Menu and gives you a key to your dorm, along with a magical spell. These dorms include:
  • Water Dorm
  • Nature Dorm
  • Animal Dorm
  • Love Dorm
  • Creative Dorm
  • Light Dorm
  • Music Dorm
  • Dark Dorm
  • Technology Dorm
  • Ice Dorm
  • Popstar Dorm
  • Fire Dorm
  • Water
  • Music
  • Fire
  • Nature
  • Technology
  • Light
  • Love
  • Creative
  • Popstar
  • Animal
  • Ice
  • Dark
    • Home Economics
    • Enchantix Cafeteria
    • Charmix
    • Flying Class
    • Art Class
    • Mermaid Grotto

There are also 7 different classes, with 2 that are unused in the current version of Enchantix High. These are:

  • Charmix
  • Home Economics
  • Potionology
  • Flight Class
  • Magical Art
  • Mermaid Grotto Swim Class
  • Baking Class
  • Musa's Music Class (unused)
  • Flora's Biology Class (unused)

Potionology (Chemistry), Swim Class, Magical Art and Baking were all transformed into new mini-games for Classic Royale and then again for New Royale. A new flight class was reintroduced into PE class on the New Royale High Campus.

There are several other locations on campus, including a Student Quarters where players can bathe and make snacks, as well as a swimming pool out the back of this building, with a water slide and diving board. There were also highchairs for your fairy babies to sit on, and different flavored popsicles to feed your baby and milk for the baby to drink. At the other side of the campus is a cafeteria where you can buy and eat breakfast and lunch, similar to Royale High.


Diamonds are hidden around the Enchantix High campus, similarly to the New Royale High campus. In the center of the giant pink wings on top of the Cafeteria building, is a red diamond with a worth of 20. There are several other pink and green diamonds hidden on top of the buildings and in trees that are worth from 5- 10 diamonds. There are also various other +1 diamonds around the campus. *Note these are the values without any Multiplier gamepasses*

Teleportation Scepter

  • "Solaria!" and Teleportation Scepter
  • Teleportation menu.
Teleportation allowed the player to travel between the different realms, including Earth, Fantasia Hotel and the limited Halloween realm. The Teleportation Scepter does not exist anymore and has been replaced with a new teleportation scepter. By clicking on the scepter in your hotbar, you character will shout "Solaria" and the item will appear. This is based off of Stella's Light ring from the Winx Club TV show.

Flying and Customization

Flying was very different on Enchantix because you could not just double tap the spacebar, the player had to select either "Fly!" or "Fly! (Classic)" on the hotbar and the double tap the spacebar, and then move around to fly. This system has been removed in the latest version of Enchantix High School, as double tap flying has replaced it.
  • Clickable Vanity
  • Enchantix makeup selection
  • Clickable Wardrobe
  • Enchantix clothing menu

In earlier versions of Enchantix, to change your makeup and outfits, you had to click on wardrobes and vanities for the pop up window to appear. As well, traveling to Earth was the only way to purchase skirts and wings, and to obtain pets. In later versions, the Royale High avatar editor was introduced after Earth was removed from Enchantix but the selectable vanities and wardrobes are still functional. 

"Fly!" and "Fly! (Classic) are now removed. 

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