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Enchantix High School for Fairies and Mermaids, also known as Enchantix High or simply known as Enchantix, is the first and original realm of Royale High when it primarily functioned as a Winx Club roleplay game named Fairies & Mermaids Winx High School. The realm is subsequently themed to be for Winx Club.

Enchantix is the prototype school for Royale High, as it holds many of the same core features like mini-games for classes and shared dormitories with friends. Many of the minigames and customization items at the time have been removed/disregarded, with a few exceptions.

On June 19, 2021, LauncelotHandsome announced on Twitch that Enchantix will be removed from Royale High when the new school update is launched.[1][2] The reason for its removal is due to content and intellectual property used as the basis for the realm (Winx Club) that Royale High does not have the rights to and is therefore unoriginal.[3] Since there is no known date for the new school, the date of Enchantix's removal is also unknown. Features exclusive to Enchantix are being looked into for the new school.[4]

Campus and Locations

The campus is relatively small in comparison to the Royale High campuses. There are 12 dorm rooms that follow a theme for each different fairy type. Depending on the dorm the player chooses, they will obtain a dorm key and magical spell corresponding to the dorm the player chooses. The color of the player's name will also change depending on the most recent dorm that the player chose.

These dorms include:

  • Water
  • Music
  • Fire
  • Nature
  • Technology
  • Light
  • Love
  • Creative
  • Popstar
  • Animal
  • Ice
  • Dark

There are also 7 different classes, with 2 that are unused in the current version of Enchantix High. These are:

  • Charmix
  • Home Economics
  • Potionology
  • Flight Class
  • Magical Art
  • Mermaid Grotto Swim Class
  • Baking Class
  • Musa's Music Class (unused)
  • Flora's Biology Class (unused)

Potionology (Chemistry), Swim Class, Magical Art, and Baking were all transformed into new mini-games for Classic Royale and then again for New Royale. A new flight class was reintroduced into PE class on the New Royale High Campus.

There are several other locations on campus, including Student Quarters where players can bathe and make snacks, as well as a swimming pool in the back of this building with a water slide and diving board. There were also highchairs for player's fairy babies to sit on, and different flavored popsicles to feed their baby and milk for the baby to drink. On the other side of the campus is a cafeteria where players can buy and eat breakfast and lunch, similar to Royale High.


Diamonds are hidden around the Enchantix High campus; this feature is similar to the New Royale High campus. In the center of the giant pink wings on top of the Cafeteria building is a red diamond with a worth of 20. There are several other pink and green diamonds hidden on top of the buildings and in trees that are worth 5 - 10 diamonds. Each dorm also has a safe room that is only openable by the corresponding dorm key and contains a single +5 diamond. There are also various other +1 diamonds around the campus.

*Note these are the values without any multiplier gamepasses.


The classes follow the same schedule whereas they are listed in the same order every school day. This list only includes the classes players can access and are functional.


Charmix is a freestyle class. The player can choose to equip a pile of books and go through the obstacle track, do yoga, or practice ballet. There's not much else to do looking from a gameplay stance, but it has some roleplay elements that can be used to the player's advantage.

Home Economics

Players can choose one out of eight fairy babies; half of them male and the other half female. The babies can be taken care of. In the Nursery, there are separate quiet rooms where players can bathe their baby or put them to sleep. There is also a kitchen that has high chairs babies can be placed in. Inside the refrigerator in the kitchen, there are baby pops and milk that players can grab to feed their babies. Players can choose to keep the baby and take care of it after class.


The player can make potions using ingredients given from the class. They will need to follow a recipe book for a specific potion. Currently, only 6 potions from 6 elements are available: Love, Animal, Ice, Dark, Light, and Creativity. First, the player needs to fill up an empty bottle from the area of water and then add ingredients in order from their table. Depending on the recipe they're following, they'll need to use a magical spell before putting on the lid to let the potion boil before it is finished.

Flight Class

In this class, the players can participate in a mid-air obstacle course. They will first have to go through colorful hoops up until they have to pass through a tunnel that has spinning lasers inside. The player does not take damage. Then, they will go down towards a funnel that leads to a slope that contains volcanic rocks scattered over lava. Eventually, the player will come across a volcano that spouts out rings of smoke. Each section of the obstacle course contains diamonds the players can collect as they pass by.

Magical Art

Players can grab a magical paintbrush and choose a canvas. They can pick from a variety of colors and start painting on their chosen canvas. The player has artistic freedom and can use their creativity to paint anything they desire.

Swim Class

The players are led down a tunnel that leads to the Mermaid Grotto where they can explore all over the area. Diamonds are spread out around the Grotto where the players can "collect" diamonds. However, they do not add up the player's balance due to a possible bug. There are also chests spread out that contain diamonds, but these diamonds seem to have the same problem.

Baking Class

The baking class is an evening class, where players choose a station and follow the recipe written on the book. After they make the batter, they can choose the shape of the pan and proceed by baking the cake. Players will be able to decorate it using their magical spells, completing the cake. "Baked a Cake at the Bakery!" is a badge that can be obtained by baking all 12 types of cakes, each being decorated by one of the 12 unique spells. When obtaining the badge, the player will need all 12 cakes in their inventory.

Teleportation Scepter

Teleportation allowed the player to travel between the different realms, including Earth, Fantasia Hotel, and the limited event realms. By clicking on the scepter in the hotbar, the players' character will shout "Solaria" and the item will appear. In the new, updated version, players will shout "Teleportix". This is based on Stella's Light ring from the Winx Club TV show.

Currently, the Teleportation Scepter has been removed and the Teleport feature can be used to travel between realms instead.

Flying and Customization

To fly in previous versions of Enchantix, players would select "Fly!" or "Fly! (Classic)" on the hotbar, then double-tap the spacebar. This system has been removed in the latest version of Enchantix High School after being replaced by double-tap flying.

To change makeup and outfits in earlier versions of Enchantix High, players would click on wardrobes and vanities for the pop-up window to appear. Additionally, traveling to Earth was the only way to purchase skirts and wings and to obtain pets. In later versions, the Royale High avatar editor was introduced after Earth was removed from Enchantix. However, the selectable vanities and wardrobes are still functional. Pets are no longer obtainable due to full removal from the game.


  • After selecting a magical power the quotes will say:
    • Nature: "You're a Nature Fairy? How mystical!"
    • Fire: "Ooh, a Fire Fairy! How exciting!"
    • Water: "Wow, you can control water? Do you prefer to be a fairy or a mermaid?"
    • Light: "A Light Fairy? No wonder I need my sunglasses on to talk to you!"
    • Animal: "An Animal Fairy? Wow, you can speak and understand animals? How cool!"
    • Popstar: "A Popstar Fairy? I thought I recognized you! You're famous in every realm!"
    • Creative: "A Creative Fairy? Let's paint the town red! Or orange. Or yellow. Actually, just paint it with all the colors!"
    • Tech: "You're a Tech Fairy? CAN YOU TEACH ME HOW TO SCRIPT?"
    • Love: "A Love Fairy! How sweet!"
    • Ice: "Burr! I thought it felt a little cold next to you!"
    • Dark: "A Dark Fairy? Do you prefer the night?"
    • Music: "A Music Fairy! How delightful!"
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