The Elements Wings Contest was a contest held by Kateka22 and callmehbob on Twitter that was announced on December 18, 2019 and was open from December 20, 2019 to December 22, 2019. The purpose was for community artists to create wings in the classic wing elements of fire, nature, light, water, dark, and ice. The winners would receive the Design Contest Winner badge and 75,000 (later 80,000) diamonds.

The winning wings were added to the game on January 13, 2020.

Some wings won the contest, but were reserved to be released as exception winners during Valentines 2020. These themed wings were added to the game on February 7, 2020.


The poll was mostly promoted by developer Kateka22. The contest and its rules were announced on December 18, 2019.[1] The form was opened on December 20, 2019 with a reminder of the rules.[2] Over 6,000 entries were submitted to the form by the time of the form's closing.[3]

On January 6, 2020, Kateka announced that the finalists had been picked, and that callmehbob and herself were working on setting them up for the game. In a reply, she specified that some of the finalists from the Light category were going to be held off until February for Valentines. [4] In a separate reply, callmehbob specified that the winners would replace all of the prior element-themed wings that had not been reworked by Closet_Skeleton. It was also noted that old wings would be refunded, and that Ice7 was working on a script to do so. [5] Kateka later specified that the reasoning for the removal of the old wings was to improve quality and to use the work of original artists.[6]

On January 8, 2020, Kateka noted that the new wings picked would feature a new effects system that callmehbob was working on.[7] On the following days, callmehbob showed two examples of this new system and explained the detailing was the reason for the wait.[8][9] The videos showed some of the presumed finalists, including @WhailsArt and @oOColorfulOo, though the full finalists would not be announced until the wings were added into the game.[10]

On January 13, 2020, callmehbob noted that they were planning a release of the new wings the following day (though due to the time of the statement, actually referred to later in the day).[11]

On January 14, 2020, some of the wings added were removed from the game after finding that they were not entirely original works. These players were banned from the game, and anyone who bought the wings were refunded.[12] The wings that were removed can be seen here.


Name Category Price (Diamonds) Artist Image
Stained Glass Rose Dark 500 Bai_ore_tto
Stained Glass Rose
Chained Ghost Dark 3,500 Maitilla
Chained Ghost
Dragon Dream Dark 4,000 Oracle Moonlight
Dragon Dream
Fallen Seraphim Dark 4,000 hoovydoobydoo
Fallen Seraphim
Dark Crystal Dark 4,500 BlossomBlue01
Dark Crystal
Force of Evil Dark 5,000 Neko MewMew
Force of Evil
Withered Beauty Dark 5,000 StarriMochi
Withered Beauty
Looks Can Kill Dark 6,000 Royalehighlola
Looks Can Kill
Spirit of Crystal Ball Dark 6,500 CuteDasty
Spirit of Crystal Ball
Shadow Fox Dark 6,500 MrOparu
Shadow Fox
Mystery of the Night Dark 6,500 Chroma_Euphoria
Mystery of the Night
Nightmare Dark 8,000 Starstruck243
The Twisted Dark 8,500 Apwn_IQLI
The Twisted
Toxicities Within Dark 9,000 CreepySoft
Toxicities Within
Mystical Midnight Dark 9,000 Esmeduality123
Mystical Midnight
Venomous Viper Dark 10,000 ms_Leyla x OliviaUnicornXox
Venomous Viper
Fallen Dove's Lace Wings Dark 13,000 Shadedgy
Fallen Dove's Lace Wings
Dragon's Moonlight Dark 20,000 damienxart
Dragon's Moonlight
Midnight Dragon Dark 20,000 damienxart
Midnight Dragon
Infernal Bat Fire 1,500 Aybiez
Infernal Bat
The Dragon's Fire Opal Fire 4,000 neoxerre
The Dragon's Fire Opal
Flaming Sparkles Fire 5,000 Laurie
Flaming Sparkles
Butterfly Embers Fire 5,500 chocomellow0611
Butterfly Embers
Inferno's Wrath Fire 6,500 xxKelChaelMxx
Inferno's Wrath
Burning Gold Fire 15,000 Qrysalism
Burning Gold
Flame of the Dragon Fire 20,000 eunlcc__
Flame of the Dragon
Phoenix Embrace Fire 20,000 WhailsArt
Phoenix Embrace
Crystal Ice Ice 250 damienxart
Crystal Ice
Snowfall Fairy Ice 750 Lizzy_Winkle
Snowfall Fairy
Winter Butterfly Ice 1,000 damienxart
Winter Butterfly
Glitzy n' Icey Ice 1,250 shogako
Glitzy n' Icey
Snow Pops Ice 2,500 neoxerre
Snow Pops
Frozen Heart Ice 3,000 Bella302001
Frozen Heart
Ice Prince's Secret Ice 4,000 MrOparu
Ice Prince's Secret
Icy Jewels Ice 6,500 xXxSonikkuxXx
Icy Jewels
Ice Phoenix Ice 6,500 Pheonix_GirlGamer
Ice Phoenix
Snowy Stalactites Ice 6,750 oshuncita
Snowy Stalactites
Frosty Feathers Ice 8,500 ArtGirlAJ
Frosty Feathers
Frost Dragon Ice 8,500 CalliRBX
Frost Dragon
Coldest Winter Ice 12,000 LDoorFrame
Coldest Winter
Frost Keeper Ice 13,000 AngleTadashi123
Frost Keeper
Ice Empress Ice 25,000 WhailsArt
Ice Empress
Keeper of the Light Light 750 Bella302001
Keeper of the Light
Sweet Dreams Light 3,500 squishy the jellyfish
Sweet Dreams
Shooting Starlight Light 4,000 Lizzy_Winkle
Shooting Starlight
Serena Light 4,000 squishy the jellyfish
Sunny Starfish Light 4,500 Lizzy_Winkle
Sunny Starfish
Platinum Skybound Light 5,000 rryugunen
Platinum Skybound
Dear Sky Butterfly Light 6,000 CuteDasty
Dear Sky Butterfly
Divine Messenger Light 6,750 AnnaChips
Divine Messenger
Neon Dragonfly Light 6,750 BrainlessCreep
Neon Dragonfly
Starlight Wish Light 7,000 Tahnni
Starlight Wish
Sun Goddess Light 7,500 DeeDoubleE
Sun Goddess
Heaven's Étoile Light 7,500 RoyaleHighLola
Heaven's Étoile
Up in the Clouds Light 13,000 Tahnni
Up in the Clouds
Darkness Slayer Light 13,500 mjsun2003
Darkness Slayer
Delicate Blue Rose Nature 1,250 Cuppi97
Delicate Blue Rose
Nature's Essence Nature 1,500 Luna_FlowerDJ
Nature's Essence
Wisteria Butterfly Nature 4,000 Tsuuki
Wisteria Butterfly
Symphony of Flora Nature 5,500 Bai_ore_tto
Symphony of Flora
Forest of Roses Nature 6,000 holomoutain
Forest of Roses
Sundew Sparkle Nature 7,500 Chonlyzaza
Sundew Sparkle
Lovely Sakuras Nature 7,500 Kyent
Lovely Sakuras
Forest Dragon Nature 8,500 Rheycah/Rhys
Forest Dragon
Floral Feathers Nature 12,000 coolgamersgirl
Floral Feathers
Serene Petals Nature 13,000 EmmieDearest
Serene Petals
Persephone's Garden Nature 16,000 xxAphroditee
Persephone's Garden
Lilypad Lake Water 3,000 Pitjuh
Lilypad Lake
Mermaid's Dreams Water 4,500 Ob_vy
Mermaid's Dreams
Lizzy's Seashells Water 4,500 Lizzy_Winkle
Lizzy's Seashells
Pearly Oyster Water 5,500 The Hater-Peanut Candy
Pearly Oyster
Mermaid Shelbi Water 6,000 Crazy Little Unicorn
Mermaid Shelbi
The Colorful Reef Guardian Water 7,000 oOColorfulLeeOo
The Colorful Reef Guardian
Jellyfish Princess Water 7,000 Anzu_TL
Jellyfish Princess
The Deep Sea of Sirens Water 7,000 oOColorfulLeeOo
The Deep Sea of Sirens
Nautical Fins Water 7,500 AtomicNelli
Nautical Fins
Lionfish Legacy Water 7,500 ArtGirlAJ
Lionfish Legacy
Seahorse Carriage Water 8,000 Maitilla
Seahorse Carriage
Azur Empress Water 12,000 xxKelChaelMxx
Azur Empress


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