The Easter Event in 2019 involved an egg hunt (titled "Easter Eggvent") in the Designer Boutique featured homestores. Players searched for eggs in the other store games, and received a badge from that game.

Egg Hunt Rewards


Completing store egg hunts rewarded either an accessory or diamonds in Royale High. The "Easter Egg Hunt 2019!" badge was awarded to those who completed all the egg hunts in the homestores. This badge can now be seen on the profiles of players who have earned it.

Accessory Rewards

Store Name Badge Reward Image
Aesthetic Homestore 4e41459f86ed082d7ad212b3066463bb Cute Animal Nose 150px
AngelicMou Ef0080f2cf30083cd4d2d8b8bcd5c94a Fuzzy Bunny Ears 200px
Antilique Easter-antilique Spring Circlet 200px
Arctxic Easter-arctxic Floppy Ears 200px
Epic Clothing Designs Store Aecec80a5b4c037aaef306f123b0a19f Easter Basket 150px
Flatline Homestore Easter-mugalo HOLDING CUTE BUNNIES 200px
KelseyAnna Easter-kelseyanna Falling Spring Blossoms 125px
k0maki Easter-k0maki Sweet Cherry Earrings 150px
Kittzilla Easter-kittzilla Whiskers 150px
Lollganz Easter-lollganz Rainbow Candy 125px
MahaIo Easter-mahaio Spring Horns 200px
Marliina Easter-marliina Spring Cleaning Headband Royale Egg Hunt Spring Cleaning Headband
Miki's Clothing Easter-mikistuviox Fluffy Bunny Tail with Bow 150px
Miss Homestore Easter-missrileylane Spring Hair Flowers 200px
NUTEST Easter-nutest Bunny Earrings 125px
Sensei Homestore Easter-sensei Popstar Microphone 125px
Sparklings Easter-sparklings Nine-Tails 200px
Sylenia Easter-sylenia Spring Cleaning Duster 125px

Diamond Rewards

Store Name Badge Reward
Auranie Easter-auranie 400 Diamonds
BarbiesDreams Easter-barbiesdreams 1300 Diamonds
Bazaar Easter-bazaar 600 Diamonds
Céleste Easter-celeste 1000 Diamonds
COLDSOUL Eggy boi 650 Diamonds
cSapphire Easter-csapphire 500 Diamonds
875 Diamonds
H&M Homestore Easter-hmstore 750 Diamonds
k0maki Easter-k0maki 2000 Diamonds
1350 Diamonds
missmudmaam Easter-missmudmaam 2500 Diamonds
MissShu EE776130-DDF1-4F48-9055-B37106F679BA 900 Diamonds
mrmudman Easter-mrmudman 2500 Diamonds
Mockeri Easter-mockeri 800 Diamonds
ROCK$TAR Easter-rockstar 1500 Diamonds
Slinkizy Easter-slinkizy 1000 Diamonds
SoulStreets Easter-soulstreets 350 Diamonds
Stratus Easter-stratus 350 Diamonds
Tiger Easter-tiger 1250 Diamonds
Wish's Mini Homestore Easter-wish 525 Diamonds
Zeppah Easter-zeppah

1500 Diamonds

Video Location Guides

Some video guides to egg locations in some of the homestores participating in the Egg Hunt event.

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