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The Easter 2021 event began on April 4th, 2021. The event added new accessories along with an updated version of Divinia Park.

When the player joins Divinia Park for the first time, they will be rewarded with the "Royale🌼Spring 2021!" badge.


Items are rewarded from the Sur-Prize shop's Accessory Eggs, which can be bought for 100 Golden Eggs, won from the Egg Hunt minigame. All previous Easter accessories, including those from Easter 2019 and Easter 2020, are available in the Accessory Eggs, along with new accessories. There is also a Diamond Egg for 100 Golden Eggs, which grants the user with a random amount of Diamonds.

Additionally, the Spring Halo 2021 was made available starting with the Easter 2021 event.

New accessories

Name Image
Butterfly Pavilion Fascinator
Butterfly Pavilion Fascinator.png
Daisy Earrings
Daisy Earrings.png
Heiress Tea Party Bow
Heiress Tea Party Bow.png
Springtide Flower Crown
Springtide Flower Crown.png
Strawberry Picking Basket
Strawberry Picking Basket.png
Vegan Dove Fascinator
Vegan Dove Fascinator.png


Some items from previous Easter events were reworked.

Other items from previous Easter events were not changed in general appearance, but adjusted to have more color parameters:


Egg Hunt minigame

The egg hunt minigame can be found on the left side of the Fountain of Dreams in Divinia Park. Players can teleport to the sign-up board, and then press the board to sign-up to play the minigame. There needs to be at least 4 players to start the minigame, which then starts a 10 second countdown before all players participating get teleported.

Once all players participating in the minigame are teleported, they will be given a small introduction to the minigame's functions before the 3 second countdown to start. It will then start a four minute timer. Players are then allowed to run around or fly to gather eggs. There is a limit to 5 eggs at a time and the player has to run to the nest to drop the eggs off before collecting more, which rewards points depending if they had 1 to 5 eggs in their basket. If approximately all eggs are collected while the minigame is still on-going, an "EGG SHOWER!" will occur in which a small animation on the player's screen shows falling eggs and adds more eggs to collect. There is a chance for a random event to occur for the player in the minigame, which is either being frozen for 5 seconds or tripping, which causes the player to lose whatever amount of eggs they are carrying. If the player gains the most eggs during the minigame and wins first place, they will be rewarded with the "First Place ~ Egg Hunt “ badge. Golden eggs are rewarded depending on the players' place in the ranks.

After the round ends, there is a 1 minute intermission, allowing more players to join.



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